Geocell in the landscape design of the site: the essence, advantages, applications and installation technology

Geocell is a relatively young building material, without which today can not do in various kinds of construction works. Geocell has a broad scope and is inexpensive, eco-friendly material. Now we will talk about, what is Geocell, where it is necessary to apply and how to use.
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What is Geocell?



If until now you did not know about the existence of the geogrid, below the article you will definitely be very useful.

Geocell is an organic geosintetik, honeycomb-like form and a wide range of dimensions SOT, which are used, that would keep the fragile soil.

To date, the geogrid is widely used in road construction, industrial construction works, civil engineering and even in the landscape design of the suburban area.

The main advantages of geogrid are considered:

  • The durability of the material under all conditions of use. Though the water, even with strong heating of the soil geogrid retains its structure, without emitting harmful toxin in the environment, because. they simply do not.
  • Easy Assembly/dismantling. All you need, to lay the geogrid on the compacted soil and fill suitable material (felts sand, felts ground).
  • Easily transported. Geocell is sold in rolls and is light in weight, so it can be easily delivered to the construction site.
  • Return material. Once having spent money on strengthening the slope with geogrid, you will provide maintenance-free life of the hillside for many years. Besides, to strengthen the slipping slope you will need much more money to build retaining walls and other labor-intensive activities.
  • Geogrid copes with his work, the slopes, shores of reservoirs and other structures are protected from erosion and other negative actions of nature.

As you can see the advantages of geogrid quite a lot, therefore, the equipment areas this material is appropriate.

As for the size of the geogrid, they differ in the size of hundreds of cells. These sizes can range from 50/160/160 to 200/320/320, where the indicators are height/length/width.

As mentioned earlier, the geogrid consists of geosintetika, or to be more precise, polymer tape, thick 1,5 mm. Honeycomb geogrid arranged in a checkerboard pattern and fixed by high strength stitches.

The scope of the geogrid

Geogrid is widely used in many construction works. Most often the geogrid used to construct the following objects:

  • The construction of roads. Strengthen pavement from the negative effects of wind and water, and also strengthen the road surface on the slopes. Besides the roads, the geogrid used in the construction of viaducts, bridges and even runways.
  • In the geoplastics. Or rather in the construction of artificial hills, retaining walls and other materials for landscaping suburban area. As the geogrid is used to protect the lawn from trampling.

    Укрепление склона георешеткой

    The strengthening of the slope with geogrid

  • Industrial construction. The geogrid used for reinforcement of ground structures, strengthening of water utilities etc.

    Укрепление канавы георешеткой

    Strengthening the ditch with geogrid

  • In civil engineering. Here the geogrid serves as a material to strengthen the shoreline of the natural and artificial reservoirs, and as grounds for tennis courts, playgrounds, Parking lots etc.

    Укрепление водоема георешеткой

    Strengthening of water geogrid

Above we have listed the most popular areas of use geogrid, and as you can see, for a small time of existence of this material, it is used practically everywhere.

Technology of installation of geogrid with their hands

Technology of installation of geogrid with your hands is simple and it can handle any cottager, loving to do something yourself.

"Пирог" для георешетки

“Pie” for geogrid

The first thing you need to prepare the area for laying of the geogrid. The soil should be thoroughly compacted manual roller.

Then begin the spreading of the geogrid across the entire surface. For attachment of the geogrid to use l-shaped steel anchor, that can go in the kit.

After, as the geogrid will be carefully placed on the surface and fixed, in the cell fall asleep fertile soil. The height of the falling asleep of the soil must exceed the height of the geogrid on 5 cm.

Well, in the end, the fertile soil on the geogrid carefully rolled hand roller.

This is the technology of installation of geogrid with their hands, as you can see, nothing complicated, but this building work will effectively retain the soil from slipping.

More clearly will show you the process of installation of the geogrid in this video example:

Laying of the geogrid

We wish you good luck in setting your country site with modern building materials and technologies!

Laying of the geogrid
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