How to choose a sofa, 5 steps – it, what you need to start with when choosing

Hello. More recently, I moved to a new place of residence and came across one thought, possible, it means, that I have already become more adult, then I realized - I need more furniture, namely a sofa, to fill my larger space in the room. In particular, I did not have a normal sofa, and my empty living room waved to me with both hands, attracting attention with emptiness. This was my first time, when i was looking, I chose and ordered a sofa myself, and, like any good modern man, sophisticated with a huge assortment of goods, I've spent clock (even days!), learning different websites, to find the very sofa, which suits my room and my needs best. The search was worth it, i tell you, my friends, and now I have a very cute sofa in the living room - it fits perfectly with my style and needs. Want to buy a new sofa for the house or a quality sofa for a cafe, but don’t know where to start the search? I will help you in this not easy selection. I myself bought from direct manufacturer on the site

If you want to save money on your decor, then I would advise to do it on another piece of furniture. Sofa, inherently, considered the anchor of a living room or cafe. This place, where usually people gather most often and for the longest, and usually this, what you will see first of all, when you enter a room or establishment, where later and go. Think of buying your sofa as a long term investment, which you will have for years to come. Knowing this, I immediately eliminated super cheap sofas, because I was not sure, how long can they hold out, and the quality is poor.

Sofa size, its everyday practicality, durability, style and comfort and not only - it's all that, what you should initially pay close attention to, before investing in a new sofa, otherwise, you can waste time and, more sadly, money, when you end up getting furniture, which simply does not fit for you and the interior does not fit. So, 5 steps and points, where to start.

1. Colorful or neutral?

Pinterest must have turned me into a flamboyant couch psycho. I love all the bright and colorful sofa designs, which I often see on the internet these days of searching. I tried to choose a bright blue or pink sofa for myself, but finally decided, what exactly is a light gray sofa best suited to my usual lifestyle, and that I could diversify its color in other ways.

If you neglect furniture color, it can mean, what do you want a specific sofa model precisely because, that he is fashionable, but not at all, that it really suits you by many criteria and interior. Ask yourself right away, will you love this color, let's say, in two to three years? After all, it’s much easier then to buy colorful pillows and replace them, than through 3 years to buy a brand new sofa, it is not rational. Also carefully review the rest of the decor in your living room.. What will suit the topic, the style and decoration of your room is best for you? Also think about, like pets and children (if there is) will affect your sofa? I have, for example, eat corgi, which sheds quite a lot. She has white hair and hair, so I wanted a light-colored sofa, to mask her fur on him more. And lo and behold - they immediately merge in color! But this does not exclude periodic cleaning of the sofa from hair.

2. What material is the sofa made of?

It is very important, especially if there is a chance, that someone by chance (as it usually happens) can spill something on your favorite sofa, especially children and pets. If you buy a velvet sofa, it will be quite problematic to clean and, in the end, may get completely dirty.. So, my sofa is made of polyester - this is the easiest material to clean repeatedly. You know such moments, for example in the case of, if my beloved dog “helps” to spill my morning coffee or green tea.

3. Think about size

Yes, size is one of the most important factors, specifically in my case, since I live in an apartment with one not big bedroom. Therefore, a double sofa would be a little small, but the standard sofas seemed a little big for my room, and I did not want to consider composite sofas at all. Part of the reason, where I ended up getting my matching sofa from, was, what they offer "small apartment size sofas", which in size are between a long sofa and a double armchair. For your dream couch, take into account its size in width, length and height, in order to accurately fill the space of the room, but not absorbing it too much.

4. How do you deliver and collect it?

It is insignificant, but I was not interested in, to raise the sofa myself (my weak hands will not fit). Shipping for sofas can also be quite expensive. I'm lucky, that the store offers free shipping, which means, that they will deliver it to your house, an apartment, set it up and throw away any leftover trash is free. My courier's name was Anton, and he was almost the best, from ever met me.

5. - And what kind of look you will have?

Finally, but, possible, the most important thing is what style do you want, to make your living room look pleasant? Personally, I love modern furniture from the middle of the last century., therefore it was important to me, so i find something in this style (I like the low back of my sofa and the tapered legs). Other styles may include something more modern, rustic, vintage or traditional. Keep this in mind when choosing your dream sofa, because if all your decor screams "rustic" - but your sofa screams: "Modern" - it may seem a little strange.

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