Cottage in the style of cubism

We already with you considered interior design country house style of cubism. At this time, consider a larger cottage in the same style.

In addition to cubism, the interior of this modern cottage presents a style minimalism, it is observed in all the rooms, especially in the corridor on the second floor.

The cottage has everything necessary for permanent living: bedroom, kitchen, dining room, bathroom, living room and even a patio.

Very creative planned cottage: the kitchen on the first floor is like a separate light construction inside the cottage (it is walled and has Windows). From the kitchen to the second floor a wooden staircase guides.

Pay attention to the colors of the cottage: white walls combining well with light parquet floors and wooden furniture.

Decoration living room is one of the highlights of a contemporary house in the style of cubism: room, glazed, and the night is painted with colorful hues.

To your attention photo of interior design of a cottage in the style of cubism:

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