Cottage loft-style

Designers, creating cottage style loft, tried to connect several architectural decisions in one harmonious interior.

Large combined living has a stylish modern furniture, surrounded by wooden ceiling, concrete floor and brick walls.

Living room and kitchen look like the same, but this does not prevent them to be stylish and comfortable for rest.

Complement interiors with combined living and live plants, seated near the window and lighting, presented in the form of light bulbs.

Bathroom small, as well decorated in loft style. Bold and a little bit confusing the solution is to create transparent walls in the bathroom with the bathroom.

The cottage also present dressing room, what is a bit new to us.

Bedroom in the loft is very cozy: wooden floors and ceiling combined with white walls and not create unnecessary decorative load. Beautifully complements the interior leather sofa, standing next to the bed.

We offer to your attention photo of the interior of the cottage, loft-style:

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