Beautiful cottage in a modern Japanese style

The owner of this cottage, most likely, is a fan of Japanese style. Confirmation of this, features Japanese style in almost all rooms of the cottage, namely:
  • In the hallway, a miniature composition of a Japanese garden of stones
  • In the living room down to earth furniture, designer fireplace and large Windows, overlooking Japanese rock garden, which is located in the courtyard.
  • The bedroom light furniture, complete with wooden table. Above the bed to be painting a Japanese theme, and in the corner of the room a beautiful stone.
  • The bathroom. features a Japanese style: harmony of pale wood and white walls.

In addition to the cottage there is private office with library, and in the courtyard pond and a small area patio.

Each room of this cottage is very comfortable and no decorative excess load.

Photos of the cottage in a modern Japanese style:

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