Beautiful country cottage

This country cottage is represented by two floors, decorated in bright colours, which allow you to rest comfortably not only in the living room, but the rest of the rooms.

"Highlight" of the cottage is an unusual form of the ceiling and even walls in all the rooms. In addition, we should pay attention to gender: shiny dark brown parquet floor and everywhere, except the bathroom.

This beautiful cottage contains all the necessary rooms: living room, kitchen, bedroom, room for the teenager, bathroom and private office.

The interior of each room unique, as the walls.

Living room very large, with beautiful furniture. Pay attention to the ceiling: in addition, he has an original shape, so more and more accessory is a girder construction, holding the lamp.

Room for teenager-girl light, spacious and has some beautiful accessories: carpet with a big pile, flowers in transparent vases and a stylish trellis.

Bedroom interior the cottage is very similar to the interior of a room for a teenager, only colors darker and added accessory over bed.

Large bathroom bathroom. The interior of a room decorated in peach shade, which blends with white ceiling and hidden ceiling light.

To your attention photo of design beautiful country cottage:

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