The bench for the infield – beauty and practicality

An important element of the garden is the recreation area, after all, you not only harvest, but occasionally rest on summer cottage, therefore, benches, where you will rest, needs to be not only convenient, but decorating overall picture of the garden.

Скамья для садаThe bench for the infield can be made of the different material (wooden, metal, plastic and even stone). We will now consider the uniquely decorated garden benches, which were the work of designers.

How to choose a place to put the benches?

When choosing a place, where will be placed the bench, you should pay attention, as for the aesthetic appearance of the infield, and comfort chosen location. A good idea to look bench in the shade of the tree, near the garden path, pond (if there is one), directly outside the garden, or even at the entrance to the house. The main thing, that would be a bench for the garden in harmony with the other elements of decorating and doing their main work, gave invaluable moments of relaxation after a hard working day.

The material and design of benches for the garden

Because. the country always trying to make more comfortable, benches for the garden in any case should not contradict the General landscape design infield. Happy, today, options, what will be the bench, quite a lot, and various designs will help you choose a bench for your garden. Material benches for the garden variety, if all depends on the price, suitable are plastic benches, but if you are worried about price, then you can order and forged and carved bench. Also, there are combination options , for example, wood with metal. It should also be noted, what benches for garden can be as mobile, and stationary.

Wooden benches

Скамья из дерева

Bench of wood

Скамья из дерева

Bench of wood

Wooden benches are the most popular in its category. Among the obvious advantages of such benches, it is possible to allocate: low price, eco-friendly material, ease of care, etc. The price will depend on the variant design and performance of wood. Right to choose non-decaying breed, such as: cherry, needles, oak, hazel. To protect against adverse conditions and insects use a variety of varnishes and paints, which are easily applied to the surface.

Metal benches

Пример скамейки из металла

Example benches made of metal

It is also not a bad decision will be considered a wrought-iron bench, which is not problematic to care for and easily blends with various decor elements garden. Paint will protect the metal bench against adverse conditions. The only disadvantage is the fact, that mismatched bench deprives the garden of comfort and makes the space "weighted", therefore, you must carefully choose the type of execution of the bench under the overall decor in the plot.

Benches of stone

Скамейки из камня

Benches of stone

Скамейки из камня

Benches of stone

Immediately you should pay attention to, to which the bench considered the most expensive in its category. The price depends on the stone, which will be manufactured bench (marble, quartzite, granite) and from the version of the design execution (raw stone, smooth the product or stone carving). As for the benefits of bench stone, include higher durability and strength. Same stone benches will look very harmoniously with stone fountains, drinking bowls for the birds and sculptures, creating the impression of one set of jewelry.

Plastic benches

Пластиковая скамейка

Simple plastic bench.

Frankly, if you want to acquire benches for garden, plastic benches are not the best option. Yes, they are inexpensive in price, but as far as comfort and cosiness – no, or the other you will not feel. Therefore, it is best to consider stone benches, as a temporary budget option.

Combination benches

Комбинированные скамейки

Combined benches of metal and wood.

Great design is a method of combining styles. If you decided to decorate your garden benches for rest – consider combined benches. Not all combinations would be appropriate, for example, the metal and stone will make your garden a cold and strict, but the wood and metal in the original performance will definitely entertain your eyes.

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