Creative garden lights

Lighting in the garden not only makes night walks safer, but also gives the landscape design of the garden more luxurious look, and protect the country from the interest of detractors.

The most popular types of night lighting in the garden are:

  • Garden lights in the form figures (gnomes, fabulous animals, etc.). As a rule, such lamps are made from gypsum, clay and ceramic and complements the garden decor by day.
  • Solar garden lights. Can be stylish, and can have the standard plastic kind. The advantage of these lights – significant energy savings.
  • Underwater lighting of pools and fountains. In this case the water facilities of the garden will be "flooded" with different colors, that creates an unusual, and sometimes romantic atmosphere.
  • Improvised lighting. Something like colored LEDs in glass bottles and improvised means (old kettle, glass jar, etc.). This type of lighting gives the landscape design originality.
  • Concealed lighting curbs, garden paths and flower beds. Just as unusual complements the garden decor, it creates a safe environment walks.

To your attention photo of garden lamps, hand made:

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