Creative sink design

One of the elements in the bathroom is a sink (sink). The design of interior bathroom, the sink should be combined with the finish and style of the room. Today, there are many ideas for sink design bathroom.

Form sinks can be any of the execution: rectangular, square, round, oval, irregular shape. To create a strong interior it is recommended to use shell regular geometric shape. If the interior of a bathroom created in modern style (pop art either kitsch), a more harmoniously will look to sink irregular shape.

Production material there are also many creative ideas. Popular glass, ceramic, marble and metal shell.

Well, the last criterion of division of the shells is their design (by type of installation). There are three main types of design of the shells: "Tulip", built-sink and sink-console.

Sink console is the most popular option, used in the apartment, because. takes up less total space. Is attached to the shell console to the wall.

Sink "Tulip" presented in the form of a bowl and stand. This version is more beautiful, but at the same time takes up more space.

Recessed sink used for, that would save space and make the interior more functional (often used in the style constructivism and minimalism). In this case, the sink fits into the countertop cabinets.

Offer to your attention photo of design sinks for bathroom:

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