The apartment is in a minimalist style

The interior design of this apartment is very original and suitable for people of young age. Despite the fact, what minimalist interior minimizes the number of different designer stuff, this apartment is very beautiful and bright.

The reason for the creative design of the apartment are a bright color of the perimeter walls paintings, as well as the design of doors, kitchen table and shelves in the bedroom. All these bright details complement the white walls and the suspended ceiling is white color.

The amount of furniture in the apartment kept to a minimum, but has everything you need: two sofas in the living room, small glass table, bed, kitchen table and dining table.

The bathroom is decorated in terms minimalism: dark furniture of regular geometric shape blends beautifully with the light walls and ceiling.

"Highlight" of the interior are paintings by contemporary artists, around them the walls are painted in bright blue color.

Photo of the apartment interior in minimalist style:

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