The most popular garden furniture are benches and benches. Installed on a garden bench to relax in the evening or during the work day. In order to make a garden bench with your hands will take a little time and podarochnye funds, available at any country.

The most interesting options of garden benches, you will see below, are:

  • Bench out of cinder blocks and bricks. In addition, this bench can be done in 5 minutes (personal experience), and the cost of the minimum.
  • Shop, carved from a tree trunk. Here, of course, you need to have the skills to work with a chainsaw, but the result can be a pretty creative place of rest.
  • The bench was not damaged. Plus if you also create a border of gabions to be a harmonious composition in the garden.
  • Bench from pallets. For sure, in the construction of villas you have unwanted pallets, you were broken and carried to the garbage. Why not make the pallets comfortable bench or even a relaxation area?

To your attention photo homemade garden benches made of metal, wood and other materials:

If the ideas you like, so I advise to view pictures of the garden sculptures, hand made!

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