Outdoor shower

Not necessarily create capital outdoor shower of brick or wood. If you want you can make a creative outdoor shower at the cottage, using materials such as corrugated sheet, natural stone or even bamboo.

The main advantages of a summer shower next:

  • Substantial energy saving on water heating (as a rule, over the summer shower set tank, which heats up from sunlight).
  • In the presence of a summer shower no need to pollute the house after garden work, enough from the garden to go immediately to the shower and washed.
  • Frame outdoor shower easy to assemble/dismantle
  • An outdoor shower can complement the landscape design of the suburban area
  • In the summer the shower to bathe Pets (for example, big dog)

As you can see, the advantages of a summer shower quite a lot, therefore, we wish you to install this build at his dacha!

Photo design ideas outdoor showers in the cottage we have provided below.

So I advise to view design ideas amenities in the country!

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