Small bathrooms

Very often the bathroom has a small area. In this case, to carry out all your desired ideas bathroom design will be very difficult due to the lack of free space.

Despite this, designers find a way out and carry a stylish decoration small bathroom, moreover, its functionality is not inferior to many in front of the spacious bathrooms.

In order, that would give the small bathroom spectacular decor, it is recommended to use the following tips:

  • The color palette should be light, best pure white. Light shades visually enlarge the space.
  • Accessories and finishing materials in the bathroom should be shiny, with a mirror finish. Separate hanging mirrors also visually enlarge the space.
  • Lighting is recommended to create a scatter.
  • Sink should be suspended (sink console), corner or built-in Cabinet.
  • The amount of furniture in the bathroom should be kept to a minimum.
  • Bath takes a lot of space, therefore, in order to save space it is recommended to install the shower stall.

To your attention photo small bathrooms beautiful design:

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