Mixborders represents a flower bed, consisting of shrubs, perennials, deciduous and coniferous plants. As a rule, mixborders create a certain kind of plants, having different shape and color (for example, mixborders of conifers: dwarf spruce, fir, arborvitae and ornamental pine).

Most often plants for mixed borders are chosen in such a way, when one Bud, others will only start flowering season, making a flower bed the Vale of eternal blossoms.

When the design of the garden, mixborders can perform several functions, namely:

  • To complement garden decor
  • To hide the shortcomings of garden (for example, a bunch of compost in the back yard)
  • To serve as hedges from prying eyes

The most appropriate planting along the contour of the garden or along the garden paths.

If you don't know, what plants to choose for mixborders, we recommend you to use the following:

  • Of undersized: periwinkle, saxifrage, obrieta, bell, astilba, begonia Vale of eternal blossoms.
  • Of average height: Tulip, St. John's wort, cornflower, Astra annual, chrysanthemum, daylilies, mallow.
  • From tall: Astra, sunflower, iris, Aquilegia, peony, Phlox.

To your attention photo of mixborders:

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