The most simple construction technology concrete pool at the dacha with his hands

Many gardeners dream about, to build on your summer cottage, a simple concrete pool. Such a luxury will not only relax after a hard working day, but to keep your body in shape, because. swimming is a physical activity, that's great burn calories. To build a concrete pool with their hands to be familiar with the technology and now we will provide you with several economy options for the construction of concrete pools for summer cottage.

The construction of concrete pools with their hands

Бетонный бассейн своими руками

Concrete pool with their hands

To build a concrete pool with their hands need to "fill" your hand on more simple structures, for example, artificial pond or small pond, because. pool construction involves complex engineering construction works, such as digging, the creation of a drainage, insulation, reinforcement, water, pouring, sealing, the final finish etc. If you are a beginner in the construction business, then immediately take up construction of the pool with their hands we advise you not to, because. improper execution of one of the stages entails poor quality of the finished pool, and therefore less durability of structures. Do not forget, that the construction of the pool will take a lot of cash, it is therefore better to pay some more money and hire a team of specialists, who will do everything quickly and efficiently.

But if you have already contacted the construction and engineering works, why not go to a higher level and build a concrete pool with their hands? Next, we consider several variants of the construction of the pool, now pay a little attention to the advantages and disadvantages of pool at their summer cottage.

The benefits of a concrete pool

  • Unlike the pre-fabricated containers, monolithic concrete pools have a long life
  • Concrete pools have the highest strength compared to other the types of pools
  • Concrete pools can be installed indoors, and in an open area
  • Concrete lends itself well to the finish, so the pool can be decorated at will by any decorative material (mosaic, decorative plaster etc.)
  • The material cost for a simple concrete pool is much smaller than for the purchase of finished products of composite materials

Disadvantages of concrete pools

  • If it is wrong to mount the system water discharge or water flow, will create a lot of hassle for redoing the water system of the pool
  • When poor sealing of the basin may leak water. Another reason for leakage – materials of poor quality
  • All because of the same defective material and the non-technology external decoration of the pool from the concrete bowl can fall away the tile or other decorative element pool
  • If you do not care for swimming pool, on the concrete walls of the mold may form, then I lost the desire to swim in the pool, even after disinfection
  • The installation of concrete pool is difficult and requires professional help

Construction technology concrete pool with their hands

The construction of a concrete pool can be so diverse depending on, how much money you can invest, and how good are the skills of construction have. We will now consider 2 the most simple option of creating a concrete pool with their hands. In the first embodiment, as the side walls of the pool will be used in situ concrete, which is poured with formwork. The second method is more simple and involves the display on a horizontal concrete floor hollow polystyrene blocks. In the first and in the second case will be built a swimming pool, therefore, preparatory work will be the same in two ways.

Option No. 1 – Reinforced concrete pool with their hands

So, first, you must determine the size of the future pool. Please note that, the more the volume of a pool, the higher material costs of its creation.

The depth of the pool should be no less than 1,5 meter, what would be nice was to swim adult. On the sides and bottom will go on 40-50 cm thickness of the bowl and a drainage layer, so a pit under the pool need to make wider, longer and deeper.

Before you excavate you need to draft a drainage and supply basin, so he could function normally. Once the location of the drain and filling the highways begin to excavate.

Роем котлован для бассейн

Dig the pit for the pool

What would the walls of the trench do not crumble, it is recommended to do them with a small slope (5 on will be enough).

Pit dug, now let us create a drainage pillow. For this purpose, the bottom of the pit covered 30 cm layer of sand with gravel (first 15 cm sand, on top of it 15 cm of gravel). After the pillow is created, we stamp it, and put the roofing material, which will serve as a good waterproofing of the pool. We recommend laying roofing felt in 2 layer, that would increase the waterproofing properties of the pool. Also experts advise to lay roofing felt on the bottom so, whatever territory lay on the inner walls of the pit at the 20 cm on each side.

Дренаж для бассейна

Drainage for the pool

After the creation of the waterproofing turn to pouring of the concrete bowl. Of course it is better to pour the pool bottom and walls one approach, the design was the most durable and airtight. But this is unlikely, so first fill the bottom, and then the walls. Before pouring the concrete on the bottom create the frame of the armature (select the bars class A3 width 12 mm).

Армирование бассейна

Reinforcement pool

Армирование чаши и набрызг бетонного раствора (как вариант)

Reinforcement of the Cup and sprayed concrete and mortar (as an option)

A very important point – the rods of the reinforcement cage is prohibited to connect by welding, because. these places further corrosion. To seal the rods best to use the wire.

The distance between the bars should vary from 10 to 50 cm in the horizontal reinforcement and 15-30 cm in the vertical.

Horizontal reinforced frame should be laid on the stones with a thickness of 3-5 cm, whatever frame was on the center of the concrete screed. It is also necessary to bend the reinforcement rods along the perimeter of the bottom, that would continue to link the horizontal bars with vertical.

Once the frame is created, fill the bottom of the pool concrete. It is recommended that the bottom is not strictly smooth, and with an inclination in 2-3on to drain the water in the pipe, which will nahoditsa in the bottom of the vertical wall.

What would the bottom was solid, it is recommended to use when pouring a concrete solution special vibrostanok, which will allow to more efficiently thicken the solution.

The bottom filled and can leave the pool for a week what would be the solution froze. If the pouring of the concrete occurs at the hottest time of the year, the bottom should daily several times a day to moisten with water, to prevent cracking solution.

While the bottom freezes, you can not waste time and create communication to drain water from the pool to the cesspool. To do this, dig a trench to level the bottom and laid the pipe from sewer place drain water from the pool (the lowest point of the slope of the bottom). Pipes shall be laid at a slight slope toward the sewer, to prevent water stagnation, because. it will move by gravity. The pipe which runs down the vertical wall you need something to drown out, in order that the solution did not get it.

Once the bottom hardens, built the formwork for the vertical walls of the bowl concrete pool. As formwork can be used or planed from one side of the Board, or sheets of plywood. The latter is preferable. The distance between the vertical slope of the excavation and formwork shall be not less than 40 cm (future wall thickness concrete pool). In the mold creates a vertical reinforcement and associate it with the horizontal.

Опалубка для вертикальных стен бассейна

Formwork for the vertical walls of the pool

Pour into the formwork the concrete and stamps it vibrostanok, then leave the solution for several days to harden.

As soon as the concrete wall of the pool stands the, bring down the formwork and move on to the final work: the putty joint between the bottom and walls, impregnation of the concrete bowl of the pool water repellent, decorating etc.

Готовая бетонная чаша для бассйена

Precast concrete bowl for bassiana

Instead of decorative finishes sealed concrete bowl tiles you can use more modern and simple – skinny swimming pool PVC film, which will not only enhance the tightness of the pool, but will give him a warm blue color, typical pools.

Well, in the end, in ready pool equipment is installed for supplying water, cleaning and disinfection , but in the same ladder, ladder (optional) mounted and easily removable flap for water drainage.

That's all, the construction of concrete pools with their hands is over. Now you can make the first Bay of the water in the pool and enjoying a welcome rest.

Option # 2 – Concrete pool with polystyrene blocks

The option of constructing a concrete pool with their hands to some extent easier, but requires higher material costs for buying polystyrene blocks, that will give the pool a sufficient strength and good thermal insulation.

So, preparatory work (drainage, wrap drain line, digging) remain the same, we looked at them a little higher.

As in the previous embodiment, is filled with reinforced bottom and left for a few days, what would a concrete solution froze.

The bottom froze and now the technology of construction of concrete pools with their hands will change slightly.

At still bottom around the perimeter of the pit laid polystyrene blocks. They are light weight and connected to the grooves, so the difficulties at this stage will not occur.

Стены бассейна из пенополистирольных блоков

The pool walls are from polystyrene blocks

The height of one polystyrene block is 25 cm, so, that would build a deep swimming pool 1,5 meter will need to build a wall in 6 series. As soon as you erect a wall of hollow blocks, proceed to the pouring of concrete.

Технология укладки пенополистирольных блоков

Technology stacking polystyrene blocks

The design of the polystyrene blocks have vertical holes, to install the rebar and concrete is poured a solution. By simple construction work fill the walls of polystyrene blocks and leave them on 1-2 weeks until fully cured.

After, as a concrete solution in the blocks harden, carefully finished the walls and bottom of water-repellent plaster, waiting for ,until dry and like in the previous version, wrap the bowl concrete pool PVC film.

The last step is the installation of equipment for the water in the pool, disinfection and purification of water. Check the finished concrete pool, hand made, for leaks and fill it up with water.

Here we have provided you with two of the most simple technology of creation of the concrete pool at the dacha with his hands. As you can see, nothing difficult there, the main thing to have desire, free time and enough money!

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