Making beds

Please help to arrange a flower bed. I'm quite new, and then there's, as for me, the complex shape of the flower beds. Want to do something on the similarity of coniferous composition, use cypress, th, juniper, and also Spiraea, barberry, fern, host, Yucca and some grasses and cover all with gravel! I think, will survive if we have these plants (one side of the fence, the other house; the sun starts the morning with the top right corner flowerbeds gradually illuminating the whole bed for dinner; plus there is a separate piece in the flower bed where the humidity more, than in the rest of the flowerbed, can there to plant a fern?). How nice to place these plants? And what better to buy. How to calculate how much gravel and geotextile? Where to buy plants? Please help with advice, I would be very grateful!!!!

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