Original apartment in dark colors

The originality of the interior of this apartment is, against the background of the dark finish of the rooms stand out bright spots: mostly furniture and painting.

The style of the room design includes features kitsch and modernism.

The most effective complement to the interior of the apartment the following items:

  • In the living room: blue leather green sofa, designer chandelier, bright picture, modern table.
  • In the kitchen: lights in the shape of bottles over the kitchen island, bright pink refrigerator, modern kitchen furniture, dark walls.
  • In the hallway: bright green sofa, creative chandelier square shape, beautiful wardrobe.
  • In the bedroom: dark Wallpaper in flower, designer chandelier, the contrast of shades (light ceiling with dark walls).
  • The bathroom: the original layout (bath the middle of the room), mirrors on the walls, idea of design bathroom in dark colors, creative chandelier.
  • In the nursery: beds in, large mirror, bright furniture, the painted wall.

Original photos of the apartment in dark colors:

We also recommend to browse photos of the apartment in style pop art!

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