The original design of the apartment

The design of the apartment is always something unique, creative and uniquely comfortable. We have already provided to your attention photos of design apartment. At this time, the interior rooms will be more restrained, but still unusual and filled with a lot of design techniques.

The highlight of the interior is design living room: in addition, living room combined with dining room and kitchen, so the room still has lots of creative accessories. The first thing striking the ceiling: wooden design against a white ceiling creates harmony with wooden furniture and dark floor tiles. Originally decorated a shelf in the kitchen: on the black shelf in the form of branches located in various photos.

Please note that, as living room visually separated from the kitchen. To do this, designers used a combination of floor coverings (tile changes in flooring), as well as changing walls (from the sofa the wall is blue, while the rest of the walls painted white).

Not less than originally designed entrance hall. Bamboo, natural stones and figurines of the Eastern theme gives the interior of the hall features Chinese style.

Small bathroom decorated in bright colours. Features of the Chinese style are present here, this is evidenced by the design of the sink and insert the flooring is in natural stone.

Children's room has a bright play area and creative ceiling design in modern style.

To your attention photo of the original apartment:

So I advise to view photo modern apartment in bright colors!

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