Front gardens

The garden is called a small area between the dwelling house and the roadway. Depending on the planning area, the front yard can be fenced fence and to be in a certain corner of the plot, and can be not caged area throughout the area of the entrance to the cottage.

In any case, if you want to have a beautiful landscape design, you need to pay attention to the design of front garden.

Most often, the front garden includes a small flower flower bed, garden arch and any flavor (a stone of unusual shape, garden figurine a beautiful fence).

The front garden is not difficult to do with their hands, we talked about this in this article.

Please note that, the front garden is the first element of garden decor, that will draw the attention of the visitors to the garden, so for him to be well groomed and most importantly, to plan, what would plants have not been in the shadows and not interfere with free movement on the track.

To your attention photo of design of front garden:

Also please see photo mixborders at their summer cottage!

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