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The history of hammocks originates from the period of life of South American Indians, who did the furniture from the bark of the tree “khamak”. The hammock allows you to not only relax the muscles of the whole body, but is a good place for reading and drinking tea.

Каркасный гамак для дачи

Frame the hammock for the garden

Today, hammocks are not only between two trees at the cottage, but in the apartment, on the beach and even on vacation in the woods (without special supports).
There is a wide range of ready-made products from manufacturers, as well as the option of independent creation of the hammock. About, how to choose a hammock and to do with their hands, we now discuss.

Types of hammocks

As competition in the market of leisure goods is constantly growing, manufacturers of hammocks, with each season creating new, more comfortable model with lots of extra accessories to stay.

Today popular are the following types of hammocks:

  • Pendant
  • Frame
  • Non-standard models


The design feature of hammocks is the fact, such models can only be between two reliable pillars. As a rule, as supports are trees and dug under the hammock support.

Trees are used in the case, if a person's weight is not too large, and the design of the hammock includes special attachment, mitigating damage to the tree trunk (rope frays the bark and the tree starts to get sick).If the country no trees, or you just don't want to spoil the barrel, recommended dig in metal columns.

With regard to varieties of hammocks, the most commonly used Mexican and Brazilian hammocks.

The first option has no frame and consists of only fabric and rope. Mexican hammock allows you to fully relax your body. Its advantage is easy to transport (the standard model will easily fit in a backpack). The disadvantage of this model is, the hammock is able to overturn, therefore children and elderly people to use this option is not recommended.

Мексиканский гамак

Mexican hammock

The Brazilian hammock is a little modified. On the narrow sides of the box is fixed a wooden stick, which pull the fabric and allow it to “wrap” person. The lack of Brazilian hammock in a, that it is more difficult to transport, at the same time, the advantage of the model is the versatility (a hammock is also available to kids and adults).
It should also be noted, what hammock are cheaper, so often they are used at their summer cottage.

Бразильский гамак

Brazilian hammock

Frame hammocks

More convenient, but at the same time and more expensive type of hammock is a hammock frame. There is no need to search for suitable support, so often this type of garden furniture use, if in the country there are no suitable supports. Frame hammocks are the modern model and are often purchased for camping, because. it can be installed anywhere.

Today frame hammocks can be fixed and teams.

The design of the stationary hammocks includes solid support, which have a significant weight (within 15 kg). Supports may be metal, so wood. The second option is more expensive, but at the same time and more attractive. As a rule, stationary hammocks are set for the entire summer season and are dismantled with the arrival of cold weather.

Стационарный каркасный гамак

Stationary frame hammock

Prefabricated frame hammocks have a more simplified design, which makes it easy to mount/demount the product. Teams hammocks, just used for active outdoor recreation, because. metal supports are lightweight and compactly folded in the trunk of a car.

Сборной металлический гамак

Team metal hammock

Non-standard models of hammocks

We already talked about the fact, that competition between manufacturers of this furniture is the engine of progress. Today, there are a lot of custom hammocks, the various forms and functionality.

Among the whole range of custom hammocks I would like to highlight the following:

  • Hammock-swing
  • Chair hammock
  • Hammock with canopy
  • Rocking chair hammock
  • Baby hammock
  • Hammock-swing with mosquito net

Hammock swing hanging hammock presented, which is attached to the support only in one point (as a rule, center). This hammock allows you to relax, but also to indulge in the calm swaying in all directions.



The chair hammock is one of the last models of this furniture. Its peculiarity is, that man can lie, but to sit in the box. The chair hammock is perfect for those, who likes to read, drinking coffee or working on a laptop outdoors.


Chair hammock

It should be noted, the chair hammock can be installed in the room, that will make the interior room more creative.

Hammock with canopy presented a skeleton structure, which can protect your guests from the hot sun and slight precipitation. The second option often saves owners, who forget to put a hammock in rainy weather (the canopy will protect the canvas from getting wet).

Гамак с навесом

Hammock with canopy

Rocking chair hammock also applies to non-standard, hybrid models. This version of the hammock will fit, if the suspension and frame model of the product is not to your liking.

Кресло-качалка гамак

Rocking chair hammock

Baby hammocks are not only petite sizes, but bright colors, what attracts kid's interest. Please note that, the design of the children's hammocks is not provided for an adult, because. attachment and sewing of the bed can only withstand a little weight.

Детский гамак

Baby hammock

Special attention should be paid to the hammock-swing with mosquito net. This option is not suited for transporting on holiday, but it will save you from annoying insects during the holidays.

Гамак-качели с москитной сеткой

Hammock-swing with mosquito net

The choice of material for the hammock

If you have already decided to buy a hammock or make your own hands, then give due attention to the choice of material for the hammock.
Today, hammocks come in a mesh and fabric, therefore, we consider each type separately.

Net hammocks

Net hammocks are the classic version of the product, so often I use them.

Сетчатый гамак

Meshy hammock

The advantage of the mesh hammocks that, they are well ventilated and compactly folded when needed.

There are models with a round and flat weave. The first option is cheaper, but less convenient, because. the mesh bites into the skin and disrupts the comfortable stay. If you decide to purchase the hammock with a circular netting, recommend to equip it with soft cushions and throws (although some manufacturers include these accessories in the package).

Hammocks flat-weave more expensive, but, as you know, and more convenient.
Be sure when you purchase a mesh hammock pay attention to the weight, he can withstand, because. sometimes this figure is not too big.

Fabric hammocks

Fabric hammocks are much more frequently used. As a rule, such models are made of cotton, nylon, mattress tick and tarpaulin.

Тканевый гамак

Fabric hammock

Cotton is the most expensive and suitable material, because. easily ventilated, can absorb sweat and does not cause irritation on the body.

Nylon hammocks are also often used to holiday in the country. The advantage of nylon for high strength, resistance to UV radiation (not fade) and water resistance. The disadvantage is, the nylon poorly ventilated.

Mattress tick and the tarp is as well-proven, therefore, to acquire these hammocks are quite reasonable.

The only material, which is extremely prohibited to choose is synthetic. Synthetic hammock not only practically does not ventilate fresh air, but poorly takes the form of a man lying. The result on the body may povitica irritation, and the rest will not give the desired results.

How to choose the right hammock?

You are already familiar with the kinds of hammock and materials. Based on this, you know, such garden furniture must bring pleasure, otherwise, buying makes no sense.

While buying a hammock pay attention to the weight, he is able to withstand, quality flashing material and quality fasteners (carbines, hooks, etc.).

And finally would like to draw your attention to the fact, what, as a rule, hammock bought for a few seasons, so buy cheap, actually, as too expensive, we will not recommend.

How to install a hammock?

The installation of the hammock with your own hands is a fairly simple event.

For example, we will examine how to properly install the hammock between two trees.

To start looking for two suitable tree, located a short distance from each other (best 3 meter). The diameter of the tree trunk should be about 20 cm, what would the hammock is securely fixed and does not harm the tree.

It is recommended to install a hammock in the stretch, it also sags with time, when the box stretched, had to find a new place to stay.

The installation height of the hammocks should be 1,5 meter, which are significantly reduced during the holidays (the hammock will shrink).

With regard to the location of the hammock, it has the following requirements:

  1. The place should be well protected from sun and wind
  2. Under the hammock should not be bumpy (even small), otherwise puddles after rain will be an obstacle for recreation
  3. The hammock should be installed away from noisy places (the road behind the fence, garage or place of installation water pump)
  4. It is recommended to install a hammock in the beautiful garden: on the terrace, in the area patio or near pool. So you will be able in parallel with the leisure to enjoy the beauty of your garden.
  5. And most importantly, what you say when fastening the hammock to the tree, take care, whatever fasteners are not harmed by the trunk and didn't perestaralis. For this we recommend to use tubular nylon clamp, you want to put on problem areas.

Finally, I would like to note, what with self-vipavadee supports, the distance between them must exceed the length of the hammock, because. to pull the hammock much easier, than to change the distance between the supports, when the box stretched!

We also recommend you to see the video tutorial for installing the hammock in the country:

The installation of a suspended hammock

How to make a hammock with your own hands?

We will not consider the complex technology of weaving and sewing of the hammock, that is not all on the shoulder.

Consider the technology of creating a simple Brazilian hammock with your own hands.

To create products we need:

  • 2 wooden stick long 95 cm (it is best to use handles from shovels)
  • Eyelets (the amount depends on the width of the fabric)
  • 2 the piece of thick, well-ventilated fabric, size 95*200 cm
  • Linen or nylon cord, length 20 meters

First we need to sew together the pieces of cloth and it is good to stitch the narrow edge, with tucked them a couple of inches.

Then every 8,6 cm note the location of the grommets and fasten them according to the marks.



It is not recommended to look for an alternative to grommets, because. these bushings are inexpensive and very practical

After, as the grommets will be installed, go to the wooden sticks.
Recede from each end of the stick on the 2,4 cm and drill holes, diameter 2 cm (what is wave enough for free running of the rope, double-folded). The distance between the holes should be 8,4 cm.

Now you need to cut the cord 1 meter and to pass through the stick on the scheme: stick-grommet-stick. In the end, the cord is folded twice, that will ensure reliability hammock.

In the end, all the cords on the end are tightly bound in a knot and the hammock is ready, it can be installed in the country.

As you can see, the technology is fairly simple and will not take a lot of time and money.

We also recommend you to see the technology of creating rocking chairs their hands!

The installation of a suspended hammock
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