The advantages and disadvantages of the most popular types of pool for winter

Pool at a summer cottage is the most successful construction, allowing a good rest after a hard week. Today, there are many types and designs of swimming pools, which have different design, rates and season of use. Next, we'll talk about that, what types of pools exist today, and consider their advantages and disadvantages.

The advantages and disadvantages of various types of pool

Бассейн для дачи

Pool for summer

First of all, should be the most convenient classification country pools. So, today it is customary to classify the pools to give the following parameters:

  • The shape of the pool (complex geometric, round, oval, rectangular, etc.)
  • Design features bowl (monolithic, team, stationary)
  • Design features of the pool (outdoor, closed)
  • Destiny pools (SPA treatments, sports or as well for a bath)
  • The method of installation of the pool (on the ground, support, partial bearing on soil)
  • The water supply system of the pool (Central water supply, well, artificial or natural pond, etc.)
  • The system of water exchange pool (liquid, running, recycling)
  • Purification system pool (using skimmer or special perelyotnye gutters)

Each type of pool has its own individual characteristics, which can be both advantages, and faults. Now we consider the most popular kinds of pools for summer cottages.

Outdoor pool

An outdoor pool is created on the territory of suburban area close to a recreation area. For mounting the outdoor pool, it is necessary to dig a pit, the depth of which depends on the method of installation of the pool. Creating the outdoor pool with their hands requires a good knowledge of construction technology, as well as a considerable amount of money.

Among the advantages of the outdoor pool allocate:

  • Significant savings compared to the construction of the closed pool
  • Outdoor pool enhances the landscaping of the entire site
  • The swimming pool construction process less time consuming

Deficiencies in the outdoor pool much more:

  • The ability to operate the pool in summer only
  • A lot of work swimming pool (it gets all the garden rubbish)
  • Repair of stationary outdoor pool is often (as in winter, the pool is indestructible, even if it is well to preserve)
  • Equipment for water pools have large loads

Summing up, we can say, the construction of the outdoor pool is not a good idea, better to save up money to build an indoor pool, the life is much higher, and maintenance and repair take less time.

An indoor pool

Закрытый бассейн

An indoor pool

An indoor pool is a system consisting of a reservoir for bathing (the pool) and complex equipment, which are all in one room and allow you to relax not only in summer, but throughout the year.

For the construction of the closed pool will need a project, as well as an elaborate water supply system. To build an indoor pool is recommended to take the help of experts, not only will choose the right equipment, but and efficiently do their work, that significantly will prolong the life of the pool.

The advantages of the closed basins following:

  • The complex of works on cleaning and repairing the pool is minimized
  • The pool is open all year round

On the downside the private pool, it, no doubt, it:

  • High material costs to create
  • Additional material costs for the equipment room for the indoor pool ventilation system, drainage and insulation.

As we can see, during the construction of the closed pool all about money, so if pool is your dream and you are able to invest in its construction significant cash, we recommend to create it an indoor pool.

Middle ground between the outdoor and indoor pools is the creation of a pool pavilion.

Pavilions, as a rule, created from modern insulating materials (for example, polycarbonate) and allow you to use the swimming pool even during cold weather, the pool is located in an open suburban site and not clogged.

Prefabricated pools

Prefabricated pools are often used when creating outdoor pools. The main feature of this type of pools – design team of the Cup. Unlike monolithic concrete bowls, which requires time-consuming installation works, prefabricated pools are more comfortable and have a lower price (this is their advantages).

Сборный бассейн

Precast pool

As for the disadvantages of prefabricated pools, the main is the short lifetime, compared to the monolithic bowls.

The material of fabrication of precast bowls – steel, plastic and wood, hence another advantage of prefabricated pools – lightweight construction. Teams bowl any performance treated with a special water-repellent and antiseptic, so, as a rule, most of the models are to leave for the winter in the soil.

Preparation work for the installation of prefabricated swimming pools are not so great: you want to create a pit and pour a concrete screed thickness 15-20 cm.

Composite pools

Composite pools are the most modern types of structures. The material of manufacture of composite pools is a mixture of glass fibers and polymeric binder. Preparatory work for the creation of composite pools do not differ from the preparatory works for prefabricated pools. The difference is in the, what composite the bowl is heavy and therefore its installation will require the help of a crane.

The advantages of composite pools more than the disadvantages, namely:

  • A relatively small price composite bowls
  • Bowl composite pool can be any desired shape, do not have regular geometric
  • As a rule, the cost of the product includes delivery to the installation site
  • Composite pools do not require additional treatment with protective agents, as well as decorative interior finishes

The main disadvantage of composite pools are the additional costs of a crane.

SPA pools

This type of pool is ideal for people, which requires maximum relaxation after the working week. SPA pools are equipped with hydro massage, and calm, but at the same time interesting lighting, allowing you to relax in the swimming pool.

Among the advantages of SPA pools allocate:

  • The pool occupies a small area, because. the bowl has a small enough size
  • SPA pools are great to relax and allow enjoy the rest
  • This type of pool can be installed indoors, and on the street. In the latter case, it is better to apply the construction of the pavilions or ornamental shields.
  • Set in the SPA basin includes all necessary equipment, therefore, the additional cost is not

The disadvantages of SPA pools are:

  • The high price pools (even if the equipment minimal)
  • In the SPA the pool was impossible to swim, because. the Cup is quite small (more like a bathroom)

Here, actually all types of pools, which today are popular with truckers. Select yourself and start installation with your own hands!

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