Garden arches

In order, to decorate your garden beautiful climbing plants, you can use this design, as a garden arch.

Using a garden arch, it is customary to divide the garden into different functional areas: orchard, the garden, area, walking area etc.

Arches can be made of wood, metal, brick and even natural stone. Very simple to make the arch with their hands, but there are also finished products from manufacturers.

Usually, the width of the arch is 150-170 cm, depth 40 cm and height 230-270 cm, which is enough for free movement under the arches while Hiking.

Climbing plants to garden arches are most often climbing roses, clematis, parthenocissus and ivy.

Very harmonious garden arches, built next to the beds, above the gate, in front of the house and in the walking area.

Offer to your attention photos of garden arches metal, wood, natural stone:

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