Garden bridges

Garden bridges can be as functional in nature (the transition between the two banks of the stream in the garden), and decorative function (give landscape design a more unique look). We are using this photo gallery provide you the most original photo of decorative bridges in the country, hand made, and now let's talk a little about that, how to make a garden bridge.

First of all, design of garden bridge should be combined with the leading to it the garden paths. It does not necessarily have to be the same materials paving, the main thing, whatever the design style was appropriate.

Just keep in mind the safety walks on the bridge. If such construction be above the reservoir or above ground level more than 30-40 cm, it is desirable to equip the bridge railings on the belt height of the man.

Regarding the manufacturing materials of the bridge, the most attractive looks and the wooden bridge. Also a very beautiful option for landscaping is neat wrought-iron bridge. A simpler version is decorated with concrete block or natural stone.

To your attention photo of decorative bridges at their summer cottage:

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