Combined kitchen

The recent popularity of in the planning of private homes and apartments enjoys the idea of combining several rooms into one. This technique allows you to save space or to make maximum use of a small area of rooms.

Most often are used in the interior combined living and kitchens.

Combined kitchen can be combined not only with a living, but with the hallway, dining room, balcony.

To visually separate the kitchen from another room in the decoration of walls and floors often are made of various materials. For example, in the kitchen area laid tile, which on the way to the living room changes in flooring. As for the walls, in the combined kitchen walls can oklematsya in different Wallpaper. Also visually separate the room with furniture (sofa, the kitchen island and even a screen).

What would you saw this design method, we offer to your attention photo combined kitchens:

Please note that, that the founder of the Association of rooms is American style interior, with features of which we advise you to see!

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