Modern designer apartment

We've provided You with a photo gallery designer apartment. At this time, the interior of the room will be more elegant, unique and stylish.The interior of this apartment combines many architectural styles, among which are clearly expressed hi-tech, modern, Baroque and classicism.

It is impossible to enumerate all design ideas, which were used in the original interior of this apartment. During that, as you clearly admire the work of designers, we recommend you to pay attention to the following elements of the room design:

  • First, what catches the eye arch at the entrance in the living room. Its form displays the features of modernity in the interior, which are also observed in the patterns dark Wallpaper.
  • The living room uses stucco, as on the ceiling, and on the walls. Beautiful dark living room with black furniture contrasting with a white ceiling and bright cushions on the sofa.
  • In all rooms there is a hidden ceiling
    led lighting strips.
  • Bathroom very spacious. "Highlight" of the interior of the bathroom is a chest of drawers and a bath, having a gold color.
  • Please note the furniture. Almost every room dark furniture, decorated with gilding and rich fabrics.
  • Personal room is very chic. Black color blends with gilding and luxurious textiles. One of the walls of the personal Cabinet with Wallpaper, which give the interior some mystery.
  • In the bedroom all the items are incredibly beautiful, starting from bed and ending with the ceiling lights, walls, sex.
  • We can not say about the peculiarities of decoration of all rooms. The walls are adorned not only with stucco, but drape. The ceilings in the rooms multi-level, stretch. Presents expensive flooring dark parquet and tiles.

To your attention photo of design apartment in a modern style:

Another creative idea for apartment design – photos of the apartment in the style of hi-tech!

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