Modern apartment in dark colors

The interior design of this apartment decorated in a modern style (hi-tech) in dark shades.

"Highlight" of the rooms are multi-level ceilings with recessed lighting (living room, bedroom, entrance hall).

In addition, you should pay attention to the colors of rooms. Bathroom with WC decorated in black and white shades. The hallway is also decorated in contrasting colours: dark blue with white. The bedroom blends black with dark grey.

Just draw your attention to the fact, the design of the rooms in this modern apartment is different.

Bedroom submitted by hi-tech styles and constructivism: there is nothing superfluous, all materials are modern and at the same time, it has everything, what should be in the bedroom (bed, table, Desk).

Living room has the original wall, covered with Wallpaper, which are the main design element of the room. Besides a large corner sofa and table nothing, so in the living presence of the features minimalism.

Well, the last, what I wanted to pay attention to kitchen. This room combined with the dining room. With multi-level ceiling, modern furniture and a beautiful range hood kitchen is a high-tech style. Please note that, in the combined kitchen floors (Paul brown becomes black).

To your attention photo of design modern apartment:

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