Modern apartment in bright shades

The interior of this apartment is decorated in bright shades, suitable for young and active people.

Strange, all two bedrooms in a one bedroom apartment are baby rooms for teenagers, and pictures of bedrooms for adults is missing.

Despite this, the interior is harmonious, bright and cozy.

First of all, recommended to view photos bright bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens.

As for the interior of this apartment, none of the rooms are not overloaded with accessories or color scheme.

Kitchen has a white ceiling, dark green walls and bright ceramic floor tiles. All the furniture is decorated in classic style.

Bathroom lined with blue and white ceramic tiles. The interior of the bathroom is very stylish and practical.

Baby room a little different from each other. In addition, that one room is represented by the blue shades, and the second green, the interiors are even and accessories: in one room the wall bars.

Photo modern apartment in bright shades:

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