Modern cottage design

This modern cottage has luxurious design style eclectic. Several styles of interior simultaneously present in the design of bathrooms, what makes the interior a harmonious and comfortable for living.

Elegant bedroom presented in a Golden-violet colors on a background of white plastered walls with stucco. Furniture emphasizes luxury bedrooms, because. painted in Golden color. In addition, the bedroom hangs a beautiful chandelier and many lamps (next to the bed and trellis).

On the ground floor combined living, which is not inferior to his luxurious bedroom. Large corner sofa splits the room into the living room and kitchen. Opposite the sofa is a large plasma and sound system.

Kitchen small, but functional. Enhances the beauty of kitchen tables with marble tops, and chairs chrome leg. Beautiful chandeliers and wall moldings are also evident.

Design bathroom very original: ceramic tiles with bright patterns in harmony with the beautiful floors and Jacuzzi bath. In the bathroom you can see in the sauna.

Personal account presented in classic style. Black leather sofas and simple wooden table talking about, in this cottage there are business conversations.

On the second floor there is another living room, but with a fireplace and bright sofas.

Room for the teenager has the original layout: bed to be above the door, and in the same room there is a small area on the floor. Very striking design, and musical instruments suggests, the teenager leads an active lifestyle.

Photo of interior of modern cottage:

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