Modern country house with pool

The interior design of this two-storey house presented in a contemporary style: hi-tech.

The house has a spacious living room, combined with kitchen and dining room, as well as a beautiful bright bedroom, large bathroom, private office and entrance hall.

In addition, in the yard there outdoor pool, terrace and a relaxation area by the pool (two lounge chairs).

Now a closer look at the interior of each part of modern country house:

The first thing that catches the eye: the door to the yard. This is the beginning of a two-story house. After, as you open the door, you will immediately find yourself in the hallway, decorated "under the tree".

Combined living the room is very large. Zoning of the room is furniture. Kitchen furniture and marble countertop.

Opposite the sofa in the living room has a large plasma TV, under which is seen a beautiful fireplace.

Special attention should be paid to the terrace: red and black sofa blends beautifully with tables, presented in the design of high-tech.

Private office to be located opposite the pool and has large Windows.

The bedroom is also executed in the best principles of high-tech style: bright decorative plaster in harmony with the modern art. No unnecessary knick-knacks there.

To your attention photo of a country house with a swimming pool:

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