Modern country house in Scotland

The interior of this country house, located in the outskirts of Scotland, is a modern cottage, adapted for permanent housing.

The main rooms in the house is combined living (with dining area and kitchen), bedroom and bathroom. Child or even a hallway there.

Living room separated from dining room by the back of the sofa. At the same time a dining room separated from the kitchen by a wooden Breakfast bar and the difference in floor height. In the living room we see a wood-burning fireplace, made in modern design.

The bathroom is a bathroom, which is separated by a glass wall from the shower. A very brave decision is one of the walls in the view window.

It should also be note, all the items of furniture in a country house in the style hi-tech: plastic chairs with metal legs, creative glass table in the living room easy chair and beautiful colors.

To your attention photo of the interior of a country house:

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