Stylish one bedroom apartment

We have already seen photos of one-bedroom apartments in modern and Scandinavian style. Now I wanted to provide to your attention the idea of apartment design with elements of style hi-tech.

The apartment has a spacious room, about the interior of which we now discuss.

The most originally decorated living room, a kitchen. Attracts the attention of dark and light parquet floor in the transition from one part of the living room to the other.

The combination of red and white creates a contrast shades, what gives combined living "highlight" of the interior.

All furniture modern, has hidden lights, which is also part of design ideas.

Large bathroom decorated in dark shades. Attracts the attention of glossy black ceiling.

Bedroom has tiered ceiling, equipped with hidden lighting. Dark furniture creates a color contrast against the light walls.

Please note that, each room has a certain color and various accessories: figurines, designer lamps and various trinkets (for example, the bedroom has a beautiful box near the TV).

Provide to your attention a stylish one-bedroom apartment:

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