Stylish two-storey cottage

This cottage has two floors, decorated in modern style. The interior of all rooms is pretty simple and functional.

First, what attracts attention is the front door. In addition to the bright red color, the door has an unusual shape, that threshold is of great interest to the interior of the cottage.

Living room very spacious, and combined with the dining room and kitchen. Colors living room is in bright colors, who are well in tune with the bright red chairs and cushions.

Kitchen small, separated from dining area by a stylish Breakfast bar with marble worktop.

Bathroom has the original interior light, visually expand so big room.

Bedroom interior the cottage is decorated with elements of style modern. Bright ceiling goes well with grey walls and dark floors, which is fully carpeted.

On the second floore to be the area, almost under the open sky, making the interior two-storey cottage even more interesting and functional.

You should pay attention to, in each room are different kinds of paintings, which are an optional accessory of the interior.

To your attention photo of the interior of a two-storey cottage in a modern style:

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