Giving is not only a garden work from morning to evening, but also a place to relax from the bustle of the city.

Evening rest on the dacha is a relaxing pastime for the terrace. From, how beautiful and comfortable terrace you will have created, depends not only on the quality of rest, but the harmony of landscape design garden.

Before you go to the photo gallery, we recommend you to read some tips on the design of terraces:

  • It is reasonable to issue a terrace in the same style with the interior of houses and at the same time with the overall design of the entire gardening area.
  • An outdoor terrace is more spacious and comfortable to stay, but at the same time, practically not protected from strong winds and precipitation
  • Terrace it is best to plant trees and shrubs with flowers in pots and climbing plants. The garden terrace helps create a more intimate atmosphere, besides climbing plants will be able to close you from prying eyes
  • A great addition for the terrace can be oven-barbecue, nearby, or a small pool (capital either inflatable)
  • Take care of the lighting of the terrace, after a rest, as a rule, in the evening. Colorful lanterns, chandeliers and small solar lamps decorate the interior of the terrace at night.
  • Furniture on the terrace should be soft, ideally, sofa with table.
  • If the terrace be at a low altitude compared to the earth's surface, install railings along the contour, that would make the stay more safe

To your attention photos of the terraces at the cottage:

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