With the aim to close from the neighbor planted in a row along the fence of pine – 14 trees.
Planned to put the second row also pine. But not sure that will be a thick wall. I want the second row to plant spruce. Will it look?
And from 14 pine trees have taken root, not all : fell 4, then good 3 pine, further 3 dead, that is, groups ( not chess and checkers variant, the group). Want dead pine is replaced by fir.
That is such a picture possible: the first row of pine and spruce interspersed groups, the second row only ate.
From the point of view of design, it will look?
I was considering another option: in the second row to be planted not only ate, but pine trees in those places, where in the first row will remain the pines.
What would you recommend of these options?

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