Alpine slide: 72 photos example design landscape design

One of the most popular and beautiful ideas for garden decor is the Alpine slide. In order, what would to make a simple Alpine slide their hands you will need quite a bit of time and money. Alpine slide is a small arrangement of stones, plants and pond.

Often the Alpine slide building near area in the most viewed section of the garden.

Before, as you get acquainted with the photo of the design of the Alpine slide, we recommend you to learn some useful tips on its registration:

  • Don't go overboard with the design of the Alpine hills. Rocks and plants should not be too much, otherwise the composition will be too congested and lose its appeal.
  • Choose stones of the same breed. Stones are different in structure and shade not too nice in the composition.
  • Plants for the Alpine slide must be undersized, ideally, groundcover. It is also recommended to plant trees on the Alpine slide decorative conifers (dwarf spruce, thuja, pine).
  • Add to a small Alpine hill pond, waterfall either fountain, spouting.
  • Can elevate the Alpine slide small architectural forms, although the classic version without any additional ornaments are also beautiful.

72 Photo design the rockery with their hands:

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