Striking examples of architectural illumination of buildings and light decorate the landscape

Since ancient times the lighting of the buildings devoted special attention. And now we can see, as in quite a short period of time,floodlights came to replace torches and kerosene lamps. Architectural lighting of buildings not only makes the area safer but also gives it a fabulous look.
Архитектурное освещение участка

Architectural lighting plot

Architectural lighting of buildings

When buying a rural property and build on it luxury home, with a relatively small investment of material resources, you can emphasize all the beauty of this home with architectural lighting of buildings.

Architectural lighting of buildings is one of the areas of design of street lighting and is used, to make your house bright colors and provide comfortable stay of owners on this site.

Video example of architectural lighting of buildings

Light decorate the landscape

The main rule of architectural lighting of buildings is to use the same style of lighting in the whole composition, only then can the appearance of the building will look harmonious and beautiful.

There are two types of architectural lighting – exterior and landscape. Consider each of the types.

Facade architectural lighting allows most successfully to highlight all the architectural objects and design features of the building. There are many ways of organizing the lighting of the building, among them, such as: local, background, flood, contour, dynamic lighting, hidden or combined lighting, as well as "light fronts". Briefly discuss each of the ways of lighting

Фасадное архитектурное освещение

Facade architectural lighting

Contour architectural lighting is used to illuminate the corners of the building using led tubes or strips.

Контурное архитектурное освещение

Contour architectural lighting

In flood lighting uses spotlights, aimed at building. A powerful spotlight and the correct angle of lighting gives a wonderful flavor to this building.

Заливающее освещение здания

Flood lighting of the building

With the help of floodlights medium power or lamps with a small angle of light scattering is a local architectural lighting, which emphasize certain parts of the building (Windows, balconies, eaves, arches).

Background architectural lighting, in contrast to all other types of lighting, is a glowing background, where a dark silhouette stands the building of the.

Dynamic lighting is a light show with changing colors and brightness.

"Light facade" – one of the most clever techniques in architectural lighting. With the help of this technique, you can make the backlight of the glass facade. The scheme is simple – lighting installed behind the glass, light, focused on the glass creates different light effects.

Landscape architectural lighting serves to decorate the landscape of the estate. This can be achieved with decorative lights, lighting poles or small lamps. Lately for landscape lighting uses outdoor lighting solar powered, which is a very profitable and comfortable solution for estates of any size.

Ландшафтное архитектурное освещение

Landscape architectural lighting

Functional lighting to provide comfort.

Proper placement of lighting is the Foundation of comfort in architectural lighting. But there are other components, not to forget, namely:

    • The use of automatic lighting control (the use of different lighting scenarios, managing lighting of the whole building from every point of the house, as well as automatic switching of lighting with the onset of night time).
    • The use of energy-saving systems (the inclusion of lighting using motion sensors, adjust the brightness with the natural brightness, lighting modes depending on the weather and time of day, etc.).
    • Use lighting for security (the use of lamps of high power can light any dark corners of your HOMESTEAD, and the lighting of the façade will give the building a residential appearance, even if it is not owners)
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