Large bathrooms

The large bathroom is often created in luxurious cottages. The advantage of a spacious bathroom is, you do not need to worry about visually increase the free space, no need to exclude from the interior of any decor elements, furniture etc. All you wish can be used in the interior of your own bathroom.

Despite that a large bathroom requires a carefully crafted interior, because. most often, the composition of such bathrooms is a work in progress.

The bathroom is larger we recommend that you create the elegant styles: Baroque, antique, Rococo, East, romance etc.

Unlike small bathroom, where in order to save space installing shower cubicles, the larger room can install a large tub with Jacuzzi. Also, if there are funds set both the bath and shower.

Modern technologies allow to install a large bathroom mini-sauna, powered by electricity.

If you don't already know how to score the remaining space, then a good option would be a chest for linen and towels. Also the bathroom is larger, you can install a toilet, bidet, pencil case for storage floor mirror.

With regard to the placement of the bathroom, it is best to install it in the middle of the bathroom.

To color a large bathroom special restrictions no, the main thing is not to use more 3-4 colors, otherwise the composition will be too busy.

Photo design large bathrooms:

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