Black and white apartment in minimalist

About, what is the style minimalism in the interior, we have said. As we discussed one of the ideas apartment design in minimalist style.

Now I would like to provide you with one more photo gallery of the apartment interior in this style, but only with more creative design.

The apartment is small, therefore, we consider separately each element of the design of the rooms.

One of the "highlights" of the interior of this apartment are the columns, installed in the living room and the kitchen. Design colon matches the minimalist style: solid construction of regular geometric shape.

The next "highlight" of the interior – sport motorcycle, standing in the kitchen. In addition to the motorcycle and kitchen furniture in room there is nothing, but still the interior is original and complete.

Lounge presented by bench of unusual form, which is decorated with two black-and-blue paintings in the form of portraits.

The bathroom is dark, thus separated from the bathroom.

The whole apartment is decorated in black and white (with the exception of the light brown floor), contrast shades.

Pictures of interior black and white apartment in minimalist:

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