What you need to know when creating a water country house with his own hands?

One of the most fundamental resources for human life – water. When designing a country house, it is necessary to mount the power supply area and water supply. The first step is to choose a water source, because. often to rural homes not connected to Central water system. Next, we consider, what sources of water exist in the country, their advantages and how to carry water on the dacha.

The purpose of water country house

Водоснабжение загородного дома

Water country house

It is understood, the country house water supply is necessary not only to meet the main needs – drinking water, but for such daily actions, as:

  • Watering the garden
  • Cooking
  • Plumbing needs
  • The implementation of such MAF, as: fountains, ponds, pools etc.

As we can see, without water our country house will not be able to function normally, as we relax and enjoy the comfortable stay.

Water sources for water supply of country houses with their own hands

In our region, the popularity are two main types of water source for water supply: artesian well and the well. Consider the advantages and disadvantages of each of them.

The advantages and disadvantages of water country house from the well

Водоснабжение  загородного дома из колодца

Water country house from the well

It is worth noting, unlike wells the well depth is small and in most cases are designed to meet the plumbing needs.

The benefits of the well following:

  • Easy installation. First, the speed of the construction of the well is much faster, than wells. Second, you will not need the help of experts, enough to read the manual creation of the well with their hands in the Internet.
  • A minimum of equipment, and this means that cash costs. In order, what would the well functioned, enough to get a water pump and tubing.
  • The ability to operate without electricity. This water pump is replaced with old favorite way with a rope and bucket.
  • The shallow depth of the well. Because in our region the usual depth of the aquifer ranges from 7 to 15 m.

The disadvantages of the well:

  • Water not suitable for drinking. This disadvantage is very significant, and it is because of him most of the vacationers prefer to choose the supply area from the well.
  • Freezing water in the winter. To avoid this disadvantage, it is necessary to additionally build the insulation sheds.
  • The costs of water purification system. As it often happens that the water is at small depths, she is very dirty and requires cleaning filters.
  • Little water intake, which ranges 100-200 liters per hour, which is not enough to supply a huge suburban area with more family.

The advantages and disadvantages of artesian wells

Водоснабжение  загородного дома из скважины

Water country house from the well

An artesian well has this name because of two factors:

  1. Depth, where is the water to treat artesian aquifer, which lies at a depth of about 200 meters.
  2. "Artesian" wells call, located not too deep from the earth's surface, with the result that the high pressure water alone is poured out upon the surface of the earth.

The advantage of artesian wells:

  • The water is safe to drink, it may not even pass through the filter
  • Any location on the earth's surface
  • High durability – with proper operation and maintenance comes to 100 years
  • High water intake
  • Lower operating costs at, associated with the lack of filter and ease of design
  • Well it is almost impossible to empty, unlike the well, in which put a powerful pump.

Disadvantages of artesian wells:

  • The need for professional help, because. independently a borehole will not work, not knowing all the details of this case
  • Material costs for drilling wells much higher, than the digging of the well
  • The high price of the pump
  • The inability to get water if no power station
  • The need for documentation, resolution to conduct drilling

How to choose the right pump?

In order, to correctly choose pump the first thing to calculate the daily water consumption by all family members, and appliances, requiring water.

The pump capacity must exceed the consumption several times. For example, if the family consists of 4 people, the hourly consumption is about 0,6 m3/h, therefore, the pump capacity should be in the area 3 m3/h.

The water area has such intake points, as:

  • The drainage for the bathroom
  • The faucet in the kitchen
  • The faucet in the bathroom
  • Outdoor faucet for watering
  • Washer
  • The toilet

You need to pay attention to, that well use the more powerful – borehole pumps, as for wells – submersible. About, how to choose the right submersible pump, read in this article.

If your vacation home is only open during the summer, in the winter the pump should be removed, otherwise, it is a cast iron housing will freeze and fail, that will lead to additional trouble and considerable material costs.

If the country house is heated and his visit happens in the winter time, pump in advance to deepen into the ground 1,5 – 2 meter, covering the insulating cover or homemade cover-house from boards made of mineral wool.

Automated supply of private homes

Автоматизированная система водоснабжения частного дома

Automated supply of private homes

If a country house is a constant place of residence, be sure to make an automated supply system, which includes water tanks (gas or electric), the reserve capacity, pump and water source (well, a well or Central water supply).

The reserve capacity is in order, to supply the house with water, in case the power goes out and the pump will cease to function. In order, what would the water came by gravity to the faucet in the kitchen or the shower, you must install backup capacity 1,5 m above floor level, then provided by the water pressure, equal to 8L/minute, which is enough for washing dishes and washing.

Water heaters shall supply hot water at home. In order to correctly choose a water heater for a suburban area, must be familiar with the previously provided article.

As for the pumps to supply water from the source, if the depth of the well or the well exceeds 20 meters, you need to install another pump on the surface, which will provide the desired pressure to the house and all nodes, requiring water.

Recommendations for water country house

In order, what would the water system work correctly and the clock, you must correctly calculate the amount of water consumed and according to it to choose a pump and the other elements of the water supply.

It is recommended not to spend the money and buy a pump, pipe, water heaters, receivers etc. from well-known manufacturers, which are renowned for their reliability and durability.

Also it would be better to take the help of experts, for a small fee you will design the most economical system, which will satisfy your needs.

We also recommend you to read the article about, how to make the sewer for the house with his own hands!

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