Deconstruction, as the style of the interior has appeared relatively recently, in the late 1980-ies. This style cannot be confused with one another, it is unique. The main purpose of the design of the apartment in the style of deconstructivism is a retreat from all the usual rules of design.

Each project design in the style of deconstructivism is 100% unique, because. to repeat one and the same work is very difficult.

The main features of deconstruction in the interior are:

  • A composition with incongruous design elements
  • The asymmetric placement of decorative objects
  • The distortion of geometric shapes designs (for example, U-shaped arches slightly littered to one side)
  • Idea stress a specific element of the design compared to other
  • Combinations of shades, neoclasica each other
  • The use of broken and intersecting lines in the design of rooms

Despite its, it would seem, the absurdity, the interior in the style of deconstructivism looks very stylish and unusual. This design of the apartments are suitable for young, dynamic hosts.

View apartment design in the style of deconstructivism you can in this photo gallery:

Also the original idea for the interior of the apartment is the decoration of rooms in Oriental style, photo examples which you can see in this article.

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