More, we will try to help you in a totally difficult task to keep your car in good condition, to increase its lifespan and maintain all technical parameters of the car in a condition suitable for long life. Our website for car enthusiasts is an information portal, which carries the necessary and useful information to vehicle device, its repair their own hands, on the legal norms and life experiences of motorists.

Are you surprised, and don't believe us?

You frantically run my eyes over the Main page of the site for motorists, and still trying to find the word "buy". No need. The reason is simple – we do not sell anything to the car without your desire. It's as easy, like that, today many very expensive and difficult to maintain and repair the car: the growing cost of fuel and lubricants and technical liquids, soaring to the skies the price of spare parts, "chaos" servants of the law on the roads, and let's face it – ignorance of the us, sometimes basic legal norms and their rights.

Dear motorist! If you have the patience to read this far, we will reply to your question about, who we are? We're the ones, who is with you side by side in a traffic jam, who "blinks" you, warning about hiding in "ambush" employees of GAI. We absolutely care about, you're spending unreasonably big money on car repairs, because we are to a point they spent, until I realized, we need each other. Need our experience of operation of cars, we can pass the novice motorist.

Why pay more

if the repair car with his hands is a real and achievable.