“Smart light” or remote control of lighting. Advantage and the main scenarios of the lighting.

Today, innovative technologies have completely changed the human life, making it more comfortable. This concept, as a "smart home", a few years ago was considered something out of science fiction. One of the components of "smart home" is a remote lighting control, which will now be discussed.
Дистанционное управление освещением

Remote control of lighting

Equipment for remote control of lighting

It is necessary to pay attention to, the installation of such lighting requires a specialist, because. this includes development of the project, laying of power cables, the plan of arrangement of lamps, as well as creating scripts outdoor lighting. Installation of remote control lighting is unlikely you own hands. For the so-called "smart" light you will need equipment such as a:

  • Light switches with remote control
  • Wall controllers
  • Your personal computer
  • Mobile phone

Let us consider briefly, what are all these components.

Switches illumination type can be divided into two groups – infrared and radio-controlled.

Выключатель освещения

The light switch

Infrared switches we can remember the example remote control TV, after its creation, the science began to develop rapidly in this direction. Now with this remote, you can control your lighting. The disadvantage is that, the distance of the remote control should not exceed 12 meters, and the infrared rays are only in sight.

The advantage of radio-frequency remotes over infrared switches consists in the fact, that radio can operate outside the zone of direct visibility. Obstacles to radio waves (for example, wall) reduce the range of the device, but the problem is easily solved by installing a relay. In this remote you can easily control the lighting of the yard, from the comfort of home. The zone of action of radio-controlled switches reaches 100 meters, the range of frequencies is 433 or 868 MHz, and power comes to 10 milliwatts.

Wall controllers are used to transfer command and turn off the light. Food wall controller comes from the battery, and attached to the wall it by a pair of construction screws.

Настенный контроллер

Wall controller

Personal computer controls the lighting of the house and yard. The developers of remote lighting control has created special software for the personal computer, what would the owner of the house could easily control the lighting from the workplace ( in case he forgot to turn off the light), and also for convenience, because the control panel automatically disappears in the presence of PC.

Mobile phone as well, as a personal computer performs remote control of lighting in special applications.

Мобильный телефон в роли ПДУ

Mobile phone as remote control

Scripts outdoor lighting

The main scenarios of outdoor lighting include:

  • The festival is a program of the light house throughout the change light intensity and color.
  • Anxiety – this scenario is perfect for the time of absence of the owners of the house. The program works this way, on site to highlight only the main elements, and gate and gate. After opening the gate illuminated the garage and walkway in the yard, and when you open the doors the lights are on inside the house.
  • Evening garden lighting. This scenario provides coverage of the perimeter of the infield and its main components, such as a gazebo, track, architectural objects.

Advantages of remote control lighting

  • Reduces power consumption
  • By adjusting the lighting level
  • Increases service life of electrical appliances
  • Makes your home more comfortable

Video about remote control lighting

Stay tuned and you will learn even more interesting features!

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