Egyptian style

Egyptian style in the interior of the apartment returns of the owners during the reign of the pharaohs. The main requirement for the creation of this style is the traditions of the culture of Ancient Egypt, therefore, special difficulties in the design of the room does not occur.

Consider the main features of the Egyptian style in interior design.

The color of the room. Since Egypt is a Sunny country, the color palette of the rooms represented in these shades, as yellow, orange, beige and ivory.

Wall. As the walls it is customary to use decorative plaster. On top of the plaster are drawn Egyptian hieroglyphs, scenes of rituals, silhouettes of pharaohs etc.

The ceiling. Most often, the ceiling is done in the same design, as the walls, only the perimeter of the ceiling, it is customary to draw in the sun's rays or Lotus leaves.

Floor. Flooring in the Egyptian style of the interior stands a stylized ceramic tile, made in the form of an ornament. On top of the tiles is recommended to lay the carpets with pictures on the Egyptian theme.

Furniture. What would the interior of the room in the Egyptian style in harmony with the furniture, you need to choose creative furniture, having legs in the form of cats, cobras and other creatures of the Egyptian mythology. The furniture should be made of valuable breeds of a tree, additionally decorated with gold or ivory.

In the interior of the Egyptian style can not do without columns, painted walls, in order, gold vases and plates, Lancet arches and even sculptures appropriate the culture of Ancient Egypt (miniature Sphinxes, Egyptian Gods, etc.).

It is also recommended to improve the apartment in the Egyptian style plain curtains in pastel shades, with embroidered characters.

What would you have clearly seen all the beauty of the Egyptian style in the interior, feature this photo gallery:

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