Category: Interior design

In this category you will find many ideas of interior design of your home, an apartment or cottage with your own hands.

The architectural styles are the most popular styles of interiors, ranging from ancient and medieval (antique, Gothic, Baroque) to modern (modernism, hi-tech, deconstruction).

As you can see with the finished interiors of private homes, apartments and cottages, by clicking in the appropriate column. Each gallery represents a specific architectural style, in which decorated the interior of the housing.

If you are unable to decide on the design style of the entire apartment, for you we have prepared design ideas for each room separately (bathroom, living room, bedroom, etc.).

When viewing the galleries I recommend you to pay attention to every detail of the interior of the room. Possible, one of the photo examples you will find the accessory, the shade of the room or furniture design, which will be taste to you!