The geoplastics for landscape design or how to make an artificial hill with their hands

>Landscape design garden plot in the first place depends on the terrain. Some gardeners live on the slope of horizontal and dream about the garden, others live on smooth terrain and dreaming of the country with hilly territory. Today, the landscape designers have many ideas for a complete change of the topography of a suburban area, frequently accessed and used by skilled gardeners. One of these ideas, but rather design directions is geoplastics, which we now discuss.
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The geoplastics for landscape design

The geoplastics is an artificial changing of the terrain. There are many methods of elevation changes, which you can easily apply on your country site without the help of professionals.

What is the geoplastics?

The most popular types geopoliticheskikh ideas are considered:

  1. Construction retaining walls, or in other words, the terracing of the hills
  2. The construction of shafts and dams
  3. The construction of artificial hills and slopes
  4. The creation of unusual garden designs: mazes, slides etc.

Today geoplastics is gaining popularity among gardeners, this is evidenced not only by the number of relevant queries in the Internet, but the creation of new firms in the professional arrangement of the suburban area.

Пример применения геопластики

An example application of geoplastics

Now we will talk about one of the most popular types of geoplastics – the creation of artificial hills on a country site.

The purpose of the artificial hills at their summer cottage

Paradox – some gardeners want to get rid of a hilly area on the dacha, others are looking for ways to create small slopes at his dacha. Not to say, that hilly terrain is good or bad, it all depends on your chosen garden style and preference in landscape design.

Пример искусственного холма на даче

An example of an artificial hill in the country

As for the benefits of the hills on the dacha, they contribute:

  1. The original decoration of the suburban area. To recall Alpine slide, which can be easily done by hand.
  2. Comfortable rest on the top of the slope. If you build on a hill the gazebo, you can relax with a Cup of delicious tea, watching top for the beauty of the whole suburban area.
  3. Artificial hill covers well all the components of a suburban area, which impair the decorative appearance of the territory: cellar, hozblok, the pile of compost, outdoor shower etc.
  4. Artificial hill is easy to do with your hands, while spending a relatively small amount of money.
  5. If in the immediate environment of your suburban area is a flat surface, then your house will stand out from the neighbours and attract the attention of others with unique neat artificial hill.

As you can see, the artificial hill has a lot of advantages and only one drawback – a small confusion in strengthening and creating with their hands. But knowing the manual, and right after completing it, you can make an unusual decoration of the villas, under the geoplastics.

How to make an artificial hill with their hands?

The technology of creating artificial hill with your hands is very simple, but it takes a certain amount of time, therefore it is best to apply the geoplastics plan for suburban area.

Небольшой искусственный холм своими руками

A small artificial hill with their hands

First of all, it should be noted, what artificial hill it is recommended to build on the land from 10 acres, otherwise, the whole composition might look ridiculous.

Please note that, the height and the angle of the hill must be close to reality and consistent with the overall site.

If you have a piece of land in 6 acres, but still dream of a small hill in the garden, it is better to use such ideas as rockery (the garden of stones) and the rock garden (artificial Alpine slide) or even both together.

Artificial hill is created in stages, and we will now consider each stage in more detail.

The layout of the artificial hill

To the layout of the artificial hill must be taken extremely seriously, because. from this further will depend on the durability and aesthetic appearance geopoliticheskogo facilities.

For planning the artificial hill with their hands we will need the following tools:

  • Roulette from 10 to 15 meters
  • Line in 1 meter
  • Hydrolevel any
  • Wooden pegs (the length is about 50 cm)
  • Notebook and pencil

The first step is to map the topography of the site. It is recommended to perform this stage to entrust to specialists, which will create accurate computer model of the area with the application of all the buildings and elements of landscape design. Specialists will also prepare all the necessary documents, to confirm the safety and reliability of the artificial hill. If you want to create a hill from the first to the last stage with their hands, you must act according to the following instructions.

Accurately mark out the whole territory into squares with sides: 10*10 meters, if the plot is more or less smooth and 5*5 (2*2) meters in complex terrain. The measurement accuracy should be possible, the deviation in 5 cm. Next on the corners of each square hammered wooden pegs, that they had a height above the surface strictly 30 cm.

Now, using a meter ruler and hydrolevel any, determined elevation difference between each adjacent pegs. The accuracy of the measurements should be with the maximum deviation in 1 cm.

Please note that, what measurements should run from the highest point of the territory to the lower.

All the sizes recorded in a notebook and based on them create accurate terrain. On this map the topography of the site is considered built, you can now mark the area and create an artificial hill at a certain portion of the territory.

Materials to create an artificial hill with their hands

As mentioned earlier, artificial hill it is best to build from the beginning of construction of a suburban area, because. for geopoliticheskikh works, you can use the ground, which remains after digging Foundation, drainage system and other construction works.

If you decide to equip a suburban area ready artificial hill, the material for the hill have to be imported separately.

It should be noted, for the artificial hill are not suitable, the following materials:

  • Clay. As he begins to swell at high humidity and will break the appearance of the hill. As the clay is harmful to those, that has a high water resistance, thanks to which will form the accumulation of water on the hill and next to it.
  • Peat soil. As well as clay, able to change its volume when the humidity is high.
  • Humus. As humus is the top layer of soil, besides fertile, there is a large amount of organic matter, which over time will decompose, thereby reducing the volume of soil. As a result, the soil of the artificial hill will "sink", that will lead to the deterioration of the appearance of the hill.

Based on this, the conclusion to be drawn, what is the most appropriate to create an artificial hill with your hands will become barren soil, which is at a depth of 40 cm and below. Also allowed to use technical ground, but provided, he will be cleared of any kind of debris: stones, glass etc.

That would save on the volume of soil to create an artificial hill, allowed to use different three-dimensional structures, for example, RC ring, old tires, etc., the main thing with this is not to overdo it.

The technology of creating artificial hill with their hands

So, a map of the topography of the site we have prepared, the location of the hill identified, the material for found. Now, you can safely proceed to the process of creating an artificial hill with their hands.

Зона отдыха на искусственном холме

Rest area on an artificial hill

First we need to get the following tool:

  • Machine for tamping soil
  • Car
  • Lawn rink (it can be easily done by hand)
  • Shovel
  • A couple of buckets (preferably 10-liter)
  • Roulette
  • Cord
  • Pegs

First mark out the perimeter of the area of the future artificial hill, for this we use wooden pegs and cord. Further, the entire marked area remove topsoil, usually it does not exceed the in 30 cm. What would visually determine the end of the fertile layer, you can look at the brink of the pit, the lighter the soil, the less fertile. If your area is composed of sandy rocks, the topsoil is usually a few centimeters.

Next, go to the creation of the hill. Buckets pour infertile soil in a wheelbarrow, driven to the desired location and fill with soil over the entire area of the pit. Aesthetically looks attractive hill with a maximum height of 1,5 meters above the surface and angle 45 degrees. For ease of movement of cars at the fill the hill, it is recommended to pave the path of boards, and the ground pour on the sides of the hill, then change the location of the boards.

That would be the artificial hill was suitable for further processing and rest on it, the soil should carefully usesthe, time this procedure can take more than six months, the natural shrinkage. If you do not wish to wait that long, the soil should be thoroughly compacted every 30 cm sleep, for this we use the ramming machine.

After, the artificial hill is fully developed, you must carefully tamping it with a machine, pour all the irregularities of the soil and roll again, but a lawn roller.

To improve the reliability and durability of the artificial hill, it must strengthen and protect from weeds. To do this, use breathable film, on top of which is placed geogrid and Geocell, which represents a rolled mesh material from polymer and synthetic fibers, increase the stability of the slope.

On top of the geogrid filled the fertile layer of soil, which should exceed the surface of the geogrid on 5 cm.

That's all, the construction of the artificial hill with your hands is considered over. Now you need to decorate it, it is recommended to use turf, and luxuriously ennoble artificial hill.

Искусственные холмы вдоль дорожки

Artificial hills along the track

After work, you can add on a small hill the area and ornamental plants, however, remember, high trees are not allowed to plant on an artificial hill, otherwise over time they will destroy geopoliticheskoy design!

What is the geoplastics?
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