The interior of the wooden cottage

This wooden cottage is decorated in the best motives the Romanesque style.

Huge space inside the cottage allowed us to design the most living room with fireplace, bedroom, dining room and even a room with a pool.

Wooden ceiling decoration, the walls and floor is in harmony with modern and bright furniture.

Special attention should be paid to Windows: all rooms are large and have dark curtains, underscore the beauty of the style.

Most impressive living. Beautiful fireplace, above which hangs a medieval weapon, immediately gives us a sign about that, the cottage is decorated with elements of Romanesque style (the style of the knights). Perfectly complement the interior living room white Ottomans.

Unusual for this cottage is a large private pool, which is equipped with Jacuzzi.

The bedroom is small, but it has: double bed, locker, a bedside table or even a chair. Blends nicely with the wood trim bedrooms white carpet on the floor.

Photo of interior of a wooden house:

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