How to find an apartment for a long-term lease and not be mistaken

Finding a place to rent in a narrow rental market is difficult for many, but, having prepared in advance, you are more likely to find the perfect place. With time, how will you collect the required amount, may be relevant and buying an apartment in Rostov-on-Don or in any other city in Russia, but for now we will describe in detail about the rental conditions and the search for housing. Will be relevant for landlords too.

Although renting requires less cash and less commitment, than home ownership, this does not mean, is it cheap or just, or that it does not require any conditions. In fact, finding and maintaining a good rental can be quite difficult., especially if this is your first time. But if you know in advance, what are you getting yourself into, you are more likely to find a good place for a good price.

Housing budget

Before you start looking for places to rent, useful to understand, how much will you need to pay. Real estate section in the local newspaper or on such sites, как,, – хорошие места, чтобы узнать текущие арендные ставки. Попробуйте ввести «свободные квартиры» для определенного географического района в своей любимой поисковой системе.

You, probably, find a wide range of prices in most areas, what can make you feel unsure about, what price to focus on when searching. Keep in mind, what, although rent, probably, will be your biggest expense, You do not want, to make you pay more, than you can afford. In a perfect world, you wouldn't want to spend more 25% their wages for housing, but in many urban areas with high demand, you, possible, have to give up 35% to 40% RFP.

Since prices vary so much, it can be hard to understand, in which cities can you afford to rent.

The best ways to find a place to rent

Finding a rental location can be challenging, особенно если у вас мало времени и денег. Во многих местах возможности быстро приходят и уходят. So, вы захотите воспользоваться способами оптимизации процесса. Но поступайте с умом – одни способы найти жилье дороже других.

Word of mouth

Asking among the family, friends and other people won't hurt. You can never tell, who can know about, that something opens, into which you can easily slip, without paying large commissions. If you work, take a look, is there a bulletin board in your company, where colleagues can post ads for sublease or lease, which you can take over. Клубы и веб-сайты выпускников университетов – еще одно отличное место для поиска потенциальных вариантов аренды жилья в Ростове-на-Дону.

In an ideal world, you would not want to spend more on housing. 25% received wages.

Local classifieds

Although it may seem a little outdated, раздел о недвижимости в местной газете может быть одним из способов найти места для аренды. Даже лучше? Страница сообщества в Facebook или что-то подобное будет иметь представление о рынке аренды, as well as about the rental objects themselves.

Websites and Apps

If you are more like a virtual road mapper, search on such sites, as,,, Facebook Marketplace,,,, (mostly apartment oriented), can be another convenient way to find real estate. Есть одна небольшая проблема – многие другие люди тоже используют эти ресурсы, therefore, in areas with higher demand, the listed properties can quickly go away. However, эти ресурсы – отличный способ найти брокеров в этом районе и получить представление о том, what is available. Brokers are like real estate agents for renting out property; they can help you find a property, matching your qualifications, but they will take it up 50% from rent, one-time.


Using a broker can help you find a good spot, especially if you are not familiar with the area. Brokers can provide excellent access to real estate, and many will even take you from place to place. Just remember, they can be aggressive and costly sellers. In some cities, landlords pay commissions to brokers, but in other places the costs are borne by the tenants.

Most locations will require at least first and last month rent.

Use of ad placement services, which exist in many large cities, may be accidental. These companies sell ads for renting apartments without intermediaries, so you can contact the owners directly. The only difference is, that other people get the same lists, what do you, so you may face the same problems, as with websites. If you decide to use an ad placement service, make sure, that you have time and patience, to get something from her.

Finding roommates, for joint rent

Sometimes it can be difficult to pay the cost of an apartment alone. When it happens, it would be nice to find a roommate. Nice apartment with one roommate, otherwise inaccessible, will be within your budget. If you are looking for people, with which you can rent a house or apartment, word of mouth can be very helpful.

While social media can also be a good place to connect with roommate candidates, это также может быть опасно. Всегда соблюдайте меры предосторожности при встрече или контакте с потенциальными соседями. Не забывайте выбирать своего соседа по комнате так же тщательно, как и будущую квартиру или дом. Наличие безответственного соседа по комнате действительно может повлиять на вашу прибыль, especially if they tend to eat your food or miss their monthly rent.

Advance payment

Then, what you will need to pay in advance, depends on, where do you live, but most places will require rent for at least the first and last months. Often you will have to pay an extra month as collateral. And if you use the services of a broker, you can lay out from 8% to 18% rent for a full year or before 50% from the monthly rental payment.

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