What fixtures are needed to illuminate the pool at night?

The pool is a luxury item and at the same time the Savior during the hot summer days. Recently, the pools can be observed in HOMESTEAD area almost every luxury home. A very important role in the equipment pool, play lighting pool. In addition to decorative lighting function (various dynamic lighting with overflow surface water), lighting is used for safe hanging out in the pool. So if your pool is not equipped with a secondary lighting, need as quickly as possible to fix this problem.
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Functional and decorative lighting of the pool

Освещение бассейнаTo equip the pool with decorative lighting need to work hard not weak. You need to consider a lot of nuances. For example, if you want to set the backlight from the external side, you must take into account the fact, that the lamps will affect the landscaping around the pool. Bulb scattering with soft light will make the place more cozy and romantic. As for the lamps, they are of different specifications and colors. Lamps are divided into two main categories:

  • Lamp with conventional lighting (classic). As a rule, these lamps create a calm and comfort near the pool.
  • Colored lamps, which serve to illuminate the pool, making it even more beautiful with the help of the game of shadows and various modulations.

Types of pool lighting

The lighting in the pool can be in two zones:

  • Top light,
  • Underwater light.

The overhead light doesn't do anything special, because. rays, falling on the surface of the water, not pass through it, but the underwater light makes the pool spectacular (because the colored rays, directed from the water to the surface, make the surrounding area new, playing with paints). For top light typical of halogen lamps – they have a good lighting power. But for my pool it is better to buy led bulbs, which have greater luminous efficiency and low power consumption. As for the underwater light, for him, the best option will be underwater lamp of tempered glass (they are not so easy to break by accidental impact swimmers in the water).

Лампа для подводного освещения

Lamp for underwater lighting in the pool.

The exception of the interaction of water and electricity in the pool

As we know, electricity and water things, adverse combining, especially when we are talking about the pool. That would eliminate the problem, associated with their interaction, you need to seriously relate to illumination devices in the pool. The illumination should have a high degree of protection against moisture, dust and mechanical shock. All these indicators are in the passport, which is provided with purchased equipment.

At the time of purchase of lighting fixtures for swimming pool, you need to pay attention to the figure, Index of Protection (the acronym IP). Index IP should be less than 68. The first digit "6" is responsible for protection against ingress of dust and foreign elements in the appliance. Indicator "6" would be sufficient for full protection. As for the second digit, in our case "8", he is responsible for the resistance of the equipment to moisture. Figure "8" we are also quite satisfied. The same should be paid a lot of attention on sealing of wiring and electrical equipment in the pool.

What would quickly and easily fix your lighting, do not be lazy when building the pool around it to make a trench, and all devices to be installed on the inner wall of the trench, then the Assembly/disassembly of the equipment will matter 5 minutes.

Innovation or the classic night-lit pool?

Подсветка бассейна

Night lighting of the pool.

If you prefer to make your pool something not ordinary and fascinating, you will help fiber-optic systems. This option pool lighting is quite expensive, but it allows you to mount the emitter a short distance from the water, that eliminates contact of the appliance with water and increases safety. Another advantage of fiber-optic systems – long life (about 20 years of work with average use of lamp).

If you don't fancy all manner of innovations, then better get back to the classic underwater spotlights, also well light up the pool. The main thing that the step of placing floodlights in the pool was equal to, then everything will turn out beautifully and harmoniously.

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