Checklist for selling a house and apartment: 12 Items, that you need to do before selling real estate

Getting ready to sell your home? Then it's time to put your sleeves down and get to work., because there are so many things, that needs to be done, before you put your house for sale, an apartment, the cottage, garage or other real estate

In the end, the sale of any real estate entails much more, than just installing a "For Sale" sign on the lawn in front of the house, окнах квартиры или загрузку нескольких случайных фотографий вашей недвижимости – especially если вы ловите больше всего денег. (And, Honestly, who is not?)

So, before you put your property up for sale, on your city's bulletin board, for example in Chita, on the website of the company "Floors", check out this checklist, what you need to do before selling an apartment or house. Some of these 12 tips are surprisingly simple, while others may require a little more effort and money. But they will definitely pay off., как только покупатели начнут exclaim and Ohayt po поводу вашего at home, apartments – и, I hope so, will receive a great offer.

1. Find a good real estate agent

Think, you can sell your house yourself and put money in your pocket, who would otherwise pay the real estate agent?

This may seem tempting., especially in the hot market, but resist this temptation, – сделка «продажа собственником» почти всегда приводит к катастрофе, forcing you to donate as money, так и время. Вот почему одна из самых важных вещей, which you need to do before selling the house, – это find a good real estate agent.

However, don't just blindly hire a real estate agent, who recently sent you a leaflet, or that, которую использовал двоюродный брат коллеги вашего дяди. Проведите небольшое исследование, чтобы найти агента по недвижимости, who knows your specific market, and then interview her, To make sure, that it's right for you.

Your real estate agent must be a person, с которым вам комфортно работать и которому вы доверяете продать свой дом за большие деньги. Не бойтесь поговорить с несколькими агентами по недвижимости, before you choose one.

2. Consider your appeal

Yes, хорошо это или Not good, но покупатели склонны судить о книге по обложке. Вы хотите, To make sure, что первое впечатление потенциальных покупателей вашего дома является хорошим и вдохновляет их, чтобы сразу оставить залог или запланировать тур – чтобы они могли видеть больше.

Приложив некоторые усилия в относительно простые решения, such as planting bright colors and repainting the front door, the appearance of your home can attract potential buyers. In the apartment you can also add flowers in pots, put a welcoming entrance mat, put water and fruit on the table, offer tea or coffee with biscuits.

If you don't know, how to improve the appearance of your home, ask your real estate agent for advice, how others in your area have improved their appearance, before you sell your houses and apartments.

3. Clean up the mess in the living quarters

When it comes to preparing your home for a show, less dirt means better.

Сделайте чистку ванной комнаты, Ventilation, Counters, cleaning of window sills, Backgrounds, floor washing, walls, Windows, of the whole kitchen, toilet and all other visible areas, and then clean and put away on the shelves, in drawers and cabinets, since almost nothing is forbidden for curious buyers.

If the house or apartment is overcrowded, buyers may be worried, that there won't be enough space for their personal belongings. They won't sign up to pay the mortgage., if they think, that they will also have to rent a warehouse.

Take the excess and donate it or pack it, to keep outside the property being sold. Eliminating clutter will not only help your home look more attractive to buyers., but it will also help you, when you accept the offer and it's time to move to a new house. It will be easier to leave, if some of your belongings are already packed.

4. Depersonalize your space

The next step in your checklist for selling a house or apartment? Продавцы должны убрать все, which is distracting, so that buyers can introduce themselves and their family, living in this property.

Sellers must remove personal belongings and family photos, as well as bold works of art and furniture, which can make the house less attractive to the general public. The goal is, to create a blank canvas, on which buyers can project their own vision of life and love for it.

5. Repaint the walls in neutral tones

Possible, you'll love this orange accent wall, but if it's the least favorite color of your potential buyer, it can scare away.

С нейтральным цветом довольно безопасно, потому что это редко кто-то ненавидит, but the other advantage is that, that light color allows [Buyers] present, how the walls with the selected color will look like.

Работа продавца – помочь покупателям представить себя в доме. Если они не чувствуют себя как дома, they, probably, will look for other real estate options.

6. Eliminate scuffs, mold

Even if you're not doing a complete repaint., Pay special attention to cleaning, and then tinting the baseboards, walls and doors, to make the house beam and look well-groomed. In the presence of mold, it is necessary to get rid of it.

Selling almost any home and apartment can be a daunting task., but selling a property with a lot of minor problems and old repairs can be quite difficult. When buyers enter an open house or go on a tour of the house, they want to fall in love with the house, rather than adding a bunch of minor repairs to your to-do list.

To impress customers (and quickly sell especially the house), renovate the house before, how to put it up for sale.

If the house is renovated and ready for occupancy, you, probably, see more interest and can even see several offers from potential buyers at once.

7. Fix unfixed door and cabinet handles

Of course, it's a trifle, but you will be surprised by the negative effect, which may have an unsealed handle or a single missing light bulb on the ceiling.

It can make them stop and think.: "What else is broken here??".

Для покупателя подача предложения и последующее оформление ипотеки – большое дело. Когда вы продаете свой дом, You do not want, so that buyers doubt that, that your home will be a great home for them.

8. Add plants

Equipping your house or apartment, Remember, что зеленый цвет – это хорошо: plants create a bright and cozy environment. You can also consider a bouquet of flowers or a vase of fruit on the kitchen counter or dining table., as we mentioned earlier.

Some plants and natural elements will impress buyers, bringing more color and life to your interior.

Как вариант – повесить картины с красивой природой на стены.

9. Do a smell test

Unpleasant odors, even minor, may interfere with the transaction, and the problem is, that you may not even notice them.

We recommend inviting an unbiased third party, to try to detect any pet odors or persistent odors in your kitchen, in the refrigerator, in the bathroom and toilet.

If smells are common, get ready for some deep cleaning, since many buyers use "methods of masking" the seller, такие как свечи или сменные дезодоранты для помещений. In addition, hiding odors with a stronger smell can backfire., especially if the buyer does not like the smell of lavender or artificial citrus.

10. Clean, clean, clean

Once you're done cleaning your house or apartment, remove a little more. Даже если вас не беспокоит, what customers will think about the fragrance in your rooms, Do you want, to make your property look flawless.

Think of it this way.: you, probably, take professional photos of your home, когда он будет выглядеть наилучшим образом. Of course, you'll want to, to make your home always look like this, as in these photos.

Selling your home, cottage or apartment, it is important, so that everything is in order for buyers, and you never know, when the buyer wants to plan a last-minute tour. Don't forget to take extra care in the bathroom., Ensuring, that tile, countertops, shower cabin and floors shine.

11. Hide valuables

От произведений искусства до украшений – храните свои сокровища вне поля зрения, lock them up or keep them outside the property being sold.

You can't trust everyone, who enters your home, даже когда вы пытаетесь его продать. Иногда что-то исчезает во время дня открытых дверей, and there's not much the seller can do, чтобы вернуть эти вещи. Take care, to hide valuables, especially small, which are easy not to take noticeably and put in your pocket, bag or move them to a safe place away from home.

12. Think about staging

Does it make sense to scream?, that your home 1985 year of construction? Nothing brings a house to life like that., as new furniture or a perfectly matched mirror, lighting. The key to that, чтобы ваш дом организовал дизайнер и агент по недвижимости, which Appreciate current status and the property in your home and will determine, what elements can raise the bar. The designer may recommend that you buy or rent some items or simply reorganize your trinkets and bookshelves with a brand new (that is, the best) Way.

Realtors know the real estate market and then, what is for sale, therefore, it is important to listen to their advice and not be offended., when they make big changes. Их задача – вызвать интерес у потенциальных покупателей, which is always good news for the seller.

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