Beautiful modern cottage

The interior design of this cottage presents contemporary style (modernism) with elements constructivism.

The cottage has everything you need: living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom.

Near the cottage you can see a small relaxation area with lake views.

Large Windows in all rooms fill the cottage a huge dose of natural light, but, despite this, the entire ceiling is Packed ceiling spotlights.

Pay attention to the layout of the cottage: between the living room, kitchen and bathroom no door, but still each room is protected from the eyes of the people, in another room. In addition, zoning of rooms is carried out by changing the material of the floor covering: the living room has parquet Board, and bath flooring smoothly into the ceramic tile. Apparently, the bedrooms are on the third floor.

The highlight of the interior of the cottage is a stylish fireplace, between the living room and bathroom.

Walls, ceiling and floor in each room: we found a tree, and ceramic tile, and decorative plaster.

Photo beautiful modern cottage:

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